I have Aetna (kind of like) insurance and they will no longer cover brand Myfortic.  My doc has opted to move me to Mycophenloate (generic Cellcept) instead of the generic of Myfortic, mycophenolic acid.  

Anybody made that switch?  Would like to know what side effects you now have that you did not have before the switch and how it went for you.


Thanks,  And Be Well.

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  • Hi I was  on Cellcept - MMF for 6 years had to go off it due 2 years of irritable bowle syndrome well thats what they thought after 3 colonoscopys went off it changed over night all good now that was 4 years ago 

  • Myfortic oversuprerssed me and I now have chronic nerve pain - so I am only single agent Tacro.  I would not see much of a difference based on the quality of generic meds but body will adjust.

    Aetna does not even pay for my Tacro generic, so I pay cash.  Which sucks.

    Good luck.

  • I have Aetna also. My doctor is switching me from brand myfortic to the generic myfortic.  I haven’t started yet but I’m pretty nervous.  Do you know why you are going to generic cellcept instead of generic myfortic?

    • With your switch I really think there is nothing to worry about.  I switched from brand Myfortic to generic and the blood tests did not even bobble.  There are lab studies done that you can find on the web for the generic, that compare it to brand.  Asorption rates and all kinds of characteristics and measurements.  They are virtually identical.  

      Bettylou:  Rest.  Relax.  Have peace.  You will be fine.

    • No idea why Doc is switching me.  Guess I got the same letter from Aetna you did.  I adivsed my Doc that the "Boss" (Aetna) would not pay for brand Myfortic and Aetna had suggested either generic myfortic (mycophenolic acid) or generic Cellcept (mycophenoate).  He chose the latter.  

      My Doc is nice guy, but hard to talk to and not communicative to say the least.  I've inquired as to why the generic Cellcept via email and have not gotten an answer.  I no longer have a "transplant coordinator" and have been passed off to Doc and his part-time nurse who works out of her home.  Communiction has dropped to maybe 25% of what it was.  I'm very disappointed in Baylor over this.  I feel like they've abandoned me. 

      If I suffer any ill effects, I'll be on their door step in person insisting on switching to generic Myfortic. 


      • Hi Steve, I did the opposite, from Cellcept brand, just after the transplant, to Myfortic brand for 2 1/2 years, because the Cellcept was killing my stomach, (sent me back to the hospital), and from Myfortic brand, to generic (Apotex from Canada), six months ago. Everything is OK, and the generic is the least expensive...

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