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I used take 4 mg in morning n 3 mg tacrolimus in night...15 days back level shown 14.9 but yesterday it shown 30+. That's why my creatinine reached 2.4 which was 1.5 before 15 days.. doc said last time there was wrong reading as I did level check from centre other than tx centre. Now he reduced dose to 2-2 mg.

Will level vary this much centre to centre. How high level affects creatinine level?


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  • Hey man, I understand you are going through a lot and yes, you might be worried about things. But trust me, it will get better. But life goes worst before the best. So, don't ever lose hope. You can a lot of questions but don't ever get worried. Because, worrying doesn't gonna make you any better. Stop worrying and find a solution to the problem. We transplant gotta do some sacrifices in our life for our very best. I guess you are a month or two post transplant. You have a long journey to explore things in this transplant life and just want to say that you are not alone. Be grateful for everyday and to everyone. Just remember there still so many people out there who are all on waiting list yet to had a transplant. Just think about that and live your life without worrying. I'm sure that you will be alright. 


  • The Tacro level should not vary between centre to centre.  If it does, the difference should be minimal.   At 35 days post transplant, I was still getting labs 3 times per week.  I am a liver transplant patient, but I know that tacro does impact creatinine levels.

    I trust your transplant team will get your tacro level corrected and with that your creatinine will return to normal.

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