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i have heard alot of things about tacro, curently i am taking 2.5mg of tacro twice daily. i was wondering if i should ask to switch to that other medication thats like tacro becuase iv heard alot of bad things about it , but i wanted to get others opinons becuase i have not had any side effects so far i think. if it helps i am 12 and got my transplant oct 18 2017.

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  • A few responses seem like they need context:ALL immunosupp drugs make you open to all sorts of health challenges.


    I am 2yrs post TX @ 2mg BID.  I have some Tac Brain (memory/concentration) but some of that can plainly be the surgery, my other meds and concomminent health challenges.

    I was put on Myfortic just a few months ago as "protection" even though my trough numbers were good and I got Shingles within 3 weeks - no more Myfortic/Tac combo for me.  Having worked in the medical field and now a pretty fortunate patient of a few organ challenges, it is just how it has to be at some level when taking life-long meds.  Studies will always reflect a Tac group less favorably because it is what is required for our body to accept our new friend.

    • It is known that Tac causes memory issues. I switched for about 4 months to cyclosporine but had way more side effects so I went back to Tac by the name of Envarsas. 

      • Hi Bonnie,

        It's also called Prograf, that's what I take 2mg am and pm and still have a high Tac leval of 13 my doctor wants a leval between 7 - 9  I may go down to 1mg am and pm my donor was my husband and almost a perfect match 6 being perfect he was a 4, I was very lucky. My 2 side effects are hair thinning some, my hair was very thick so my doctor told me to take 10,000 mcg of Biotin I've been on for a month nails and hair are growing even my skin has changed other issue I can't sleep, meds are affecting that, but hey I have a new kidney that's at full function.

        Hope your different meds work better for you take care

        • Charlie,
              When I started having side effects with Prograf mine being my feet were killing me, my hepatologist finally lowered my levels down to around 4.5-5.0.  It has made such a huge difference for me.  Also helped with the hand tremors.  I'm currently on 3 mg am and 2 mg PM plus 180 mg of MyFortic am and pm.  You know now that you mention hair thinning, I am getting a little thin up on top.  Of course that may be from getting older (53).  Not sure.  Take care.


          • Hi Mark, 

            Older?? You silly that's young, I have 10 year's on you...ask your doctor if you can take Biotin 10,000 mcg that's what my kidney doctor suggested, what a difference, it works. I'm on a very low dose Tec. 2 mg am and pm can't get my Tec levels down from 13 to 7-9, my lower dose to 1mg am and 0.5 pm, I was lucky my live donor husband was almost perfect match 6 being perfect he was a 4 very lucky.

            Take care and thank you for your response... :)

  • All the drugs have side effects. Personally, I wouldn't change the drug if it's not giving you problems. What bad things have you heard about tacro? It's one of the top go-to drugs. I stopped taking it because my kidney transplant wasn't able to handle it. But that was just me and the way my body works.

    • It causes hair thinning, and Brest cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, and lymphoma in 4% of patients, it's a hit and miss to live with Transplant pro's and cons

      • Charlie, not arguing, but I've not read that TAC "causes" cancers.  It does, however, weaken the immune system that otherwise would potentially eradicate cancers on it's own.  Yes?  But isn't that the same as with all immune suppressing drugs?

        I can't personnaly speak to hair thinning, as mine was on it's way out (off my head) anyway.  

        • Hi Steve,

          I asked my doctor and he said yes, that in addition of a weak immune system, the anti-rejection drugs Side effects can cause certain Cancer's, it makes sense because cancer is a foreign subtance in our body and our body's mechanism is to fight it off, so if our immune system isn't like it was before anti-rejection drugs we can't fight it off as well as we could with a normal immune system.

          I've attached a site for you to read that was give to me by my pharmacist.


          Prograf: Uses, Dosage & Side Effects -
          Prograf is used to prevent your body from rejecting a heart, liver, or kidney transplant. Learn about side effects, interactions and indications.
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