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Tacrolimus and Diabetes

Im post liver transplant almost a year now and i just was curious if many others have become diabetic because of the anti-rejection med Tracrolimus.The doctors told me that tacrolimus is known to cause diabetes,and this was after the fact.

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  • Yes I’ve remained diabetic but I’m not on tacrolimus anymore. Cellcept builds up in your system and is a culprit in the cause of diabetes also. Some remain diabetic and some don’t. I eat a clean plant based diet and still need small amounts of lantus and lispro. I was never diabetic before transplant! 

  • I became therapy diabetic mostly from the Prednisone - and then post Tx Tacrolimus didn't help.

    Like most of my posts I would suggest a focused diet.  I am lucky as I can eat the sames things often, especially since they are all clean, protein based meals.  I also care about feeling well and having this new organ as long as possible.  The less drugs the better but some are required.  I did 3 months of shots and finger pricks, then I quit eating sugar in November of 2016 and was declared not diabetic February 2017.  

    Not everyone is willing to adhere to a diet but I assume most want to rid themselves of drugs and side effects.  

    From my quick search it was suggested 20% of Kidney Tx had diabetes due to Immuno.  Also suggested the incidence is lower % wise as dosing is now lower than first thought needed.  But that more survivors are living so much longer that there will be more cases overall.  Back to my point: Diet.

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