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Tacrolimus led to renal failure

Hello All,

An update long overdue: after taking years of tacrolimus, in feb 2018 my kidneys finally collapsed and I'm now on  Peritoneal dialysys doing 4 exchanges a day. Working with UCSF for a kidney transplant. My wife is the living donor (not a direct match but), who will participate in the exchange program. The process has just begun. Can anyone give me an idea how long will it take to get the transplant done ?

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  • Sorry to hear about your problem with Tac. One never knows how long the process will take. I was on the list for a kidney & liver 2 months before getting the call 6.5 years ago. I have friends, however, who waited several years before getting transplanted. Praying for you. How long were you on tac? I was taking Prograf until my insurance quit covering it, neph. switched me to tac. in March. All was fine until my June appointment. He increased my dosage because my #'s were low. I've heard horror stories about tac, & am so irritated the insurance company plays with our lives by messing with the meds the physicians put us on. 

  • Hi! Sorry to hear what happened to you. I just wanna ask what or how did you feel when your liver was rejected? Is there any symptoms you felt? Or just found it out when you had a labtest? I hope you get another donor. always pray.GOD will make a way for you.goodluck

    • Hi Ayee,

      Thanks for the warm wishes! My liver was never rejected! Liver was fine, but the immunosuppresant medicine "Tacrolimus"damged by kidneys over time. Transplant patients have to take this medicine to protect their transplanted organ from their own immunity. In my case it was my liver it was protecting but ended up causing damage to my kidneys. This is a known fact in the transplant world. Hope that helps.

      • Oh,im so sorry about the  rejection thingy,didn’t mean to say that, just having slow comprehension since my transplant. I’ll pray you. God bless.hope you’ll be able to have your kidney transplant soon .goodluck!

  • I was fast tracked for a kidney transplant (my husband was the living donor) after my creatinine nose dived in a short period of time.  He was a motivated recipient, going to appointments whenever the clinic had an opening for the multiple tests and appointments necessary to be approved as a donor - but we went from the start of the vetting process to transplant surgery in just 4 weeks.  Our clinic was motivated to accommodate us to avoid the dialysis stage, I am very lucky and blessed indeed

  • Thanks everyone for your warm wishes and responses!

  • Sorry to hear about your kidney failure. really glad that you have a living donor. IMHO you should be able to get the transplant done in ~2 months. Recovery after that depends on multiple conditions. But overall it should be fine. Wishing you good health ..

  • Sorry to hear that.  I was fortunate to switch from Tac to Sirolimus in my 4th year post TX.  

  • Kidneyboy made the best statement I have read on this site, to date: “Recovery takes a lifetime.” Wish I could color and bold the font. Things are always changing and we must be watchful, diligent, capable of change, brave and resilient. Most of the time, there is an answer and we can’t give up until all avenues are exhausted. ALL AVENUES!!! Doctors, common sense, research, holding fast to what you know you feel and pressing forward. Thanks for that quote; it rings loud and true Kidneyboy.

  • Hi GT

    I wish you both the very best. I hope others can help you.

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