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Taking mucinex DM

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has taken this cough suppressant. I have a virus and have developed a persistent cough. The doctor said it would be okay. However, after I googled it I didn't like some of the things I read. My kidney transplant is two year old on the 10th of this month.This is the first time I have been sick since the transplant. Feeling very blessed.Thank you for any input.Mary

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  • As others have said, check with your transplant nurse or doctor for their approval.  For me, I did get permission to take Mucinex DM and do take it due to fluid retention.  It helps keep my lungs cleared up.  The only thing they told me was to be sure and drink plenty of water so as not to get dehydrated.  And of course, follow label directions.  This medication does help but is not meant to be taken more than so many times a day and for no more than so many consecutive days.  Good luck.

    Liver Transplant 7-2015

  • Hey Mary .  you really should check with your tx team .. most over the counter stuff we need to avoid ..  Even  with scripits from your family doctor .. always ask  if they are going to interfere with your rejection meds  ... you be surprised how forgetfull  family doctors get ..

    • I agree with you David

  • I am tryin to thank everyone for all their advise but not able to get my reply to work. Keep getting error ( try again)
  • I have had a liver transplant in 2007.  The first time I got a virus, I called my transplant center and asked if I could take decongestants and cough syrup.  They told me it was not a problem.  I have been blessed with very little illness since transplant, but the few times I've had upper respiratory issues I have used them both.

    If the doctor said it was OK, I would have no issues with it, provided the Dr you are refering to is your transplant team.

  • Hi Mary,

    I have had my kidney for 19 years   I was warned a long time about taking over the counter meds after your transplant and how it reacts with the Prograf that I take. Also I usually call my nephrologist for any prescriptions from another doctor  I have a lot to lose with a bad drug intereaction.  There is a really good list put out by the University of Pennsylvania  hospital transplant services of what not to take over the counter and what is safe  I remember googling safe over the counter drugs  with a transplant.

    I have taken Mucinex however without DM  Decogestants were off limits something that interacts with the immunosuppression drugs

    Hope this helps!!


  • Are you taking vitamin D?  How about Vitamin C?

    Hot tea or chicken soup?

    Something to consider :)

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