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As we, in the USA, prepare to celebrate our Thanksgiving celebrations, I have another overriding event to give thanks at this time.  This past week was my anniversary of my second kidney transplant, some four years ago giving me cause to reflect and take stock of my journey, to think of all the blessings bestowed on me.  These anniversaries often fly up to interrupt my trivial daily concerns before I fully recognize how amazing the event was.  To be given a second chance at life is quite something and I have enjoyed the first thirteen years with great pleasure and gratitude, but to receive a second, second chance at life is truly astonishing!

Allow me a moment to catalog some of what I am thankful for,  First , I must recognize both my donors, though we have never met, I still pray for you and your families.  The thought that two beings having past, that I may live will never be lost in my mind.  My Almighty God, I am thankful for blessing me with extended life.  The surgeons, doctors, and medical professionals that I owe my second lives to will always  hold a large part of my heart and their efforts appreciated. I give thanks to my family and friends, who continue to support me, you are the richest reward accompanying my Txs.  Most of all, I must give thanks to my supportive second family, the members of Transplant Friends, for being there when I need you and teaching me the “ins and outs,” of transplant life.

I ask you all, at this time, to offer a few examples of who or what you are thankful for, that we all might enjoy the meaning of Thanksgiving celebrations.


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  • May the lord bless and keep each and everyone of you on this site.  the lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.  Happy Holidays !!

    My TransplantFriends

    • Amen!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! 

    Give thanks to my God for blessing me with this wonderful life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    • I agree fully.

  • Thank God and my donor for another day. Everything else is irrelevant (quoted from someone).
    • It took me a while and another Tx to realize this.

      • You are right. It took me a decade to realize it. Thank you for understanding and helping me In the past.
  • Dear Norm

    You have simply taken my breath away with your beautiful words. Thank you so much for being a great friend and for helping our transplant friends/Buddies.

    I am very grateful for our friendship. I wish you continued good health and lots of love.

    Tonight I celebrate a beautiful dinner with my family and to that I am very grateful.

    Much love always


    • Thank you so much!

  • I too wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. I appreciate you bringing up this topic.

    I am thankful for my donor and donor family who made a selfless choice during a difficult time that led to my second chance, all the support from family, friends, and even people I did not know, the skill and compassion of the nurses and doctors who have helped me to survive, and the support groups online which have so often encouraged me. I am most grateful to God who has gotten me through and has given me hope such as by having my surgery just happen to occur on my birthday and then having the dogwoods in bloom when I finally did get back home.  I am thankful particularly for my sister which I suppose is appropriate since her birthday is on Thanksgiving this year! She has been so good to me such as when I have been in the hospital, she has often spent the night with me so that I would not be alone. After having been on a ventilator for almost four months after the transplant surgery, I appreciate waking up every new morning and being able to breath on my own. I am thankful that I have gained enough strength back that I can play my violin again, and I am thankful for music in general because it has helped make the journey easier and more vibrant. I am thankful for the community here and how everyone tries to help each other.  

    Warm regards,


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