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The waiting is killing me!!

I have been waiting for almost 2 years. Sometimes I almost forget about it but then it hits me again. People who are not going through this don't understand. I need a liver, but on the other hand, I am terrified of getting one. And sometimes I don't feel I deserve one. I feel terrible almost all the time. I wish I was on the other side of this!!!!

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  • You'll get through this, I am sure waiting is very difficult I was blessed, I was put on 1A list and waited for four days. God bless you, I hope you get yours soon.
  • We have all been there.  If you are blood type O, the wait will be longer than other blood types.  I waited for a kidney for 5 1/2 years.  I kept my phone with me all the time.  One of the surgeons "saw" cancer on a kidney MRI I had October 2016 which was not there, but I had to have that kidney removed.  That mistake caused me to need dialysis (peritoneal). I was SO depressed by needing to dialize 4 times a day.  Then The Call came in June.  I was so happy, and I am still SO HAPPY to have been reborn nearly 6 months ago.  I've told my husband that if I drop dead tomorrow because of some complication, I would still do it again.  Transplantation has transformed my life.  I feel so normal again.  What an incredible gift!  This will happen for you, too.  Know that the waiting, while difficult, will just result in more gratitude when it finally happens!  Best of luck to you.  Please post when it happens for you!!  

  • Sorry to hear this!  I know it must be terribly hard.  The waiting.  Not feeling good.  You're not alone.  

    Please don't be terrified.  Rest.  Trust your transplant team.  Gather your support group, family, and friends. We'll all help you through.  And remember:  You are strong and still standing!

    I'm 4-years post liver TX myself.  Been there and got the scars to prove it.  Trust me, none of us DESERVE to be saved.  Nothing we could do to earn it.  That liver, when it comes, will be a gift.  Accept it graceously.  I still pray for the family of my donor.  My last words in this life will be to tell me wife I love her  The words before that will be about the love for my donor.

    You'll get to the other side.  It'll be easier if you don't fight it.  In the mean time, let people help you.  That is you gift to them.

  • I know nothing about the liver side of this I got a kidney in Aug but after is better than waiting at least for me but I met an older man at labs he told us he got a liver 6 to 7 years ago I'm 50 and he is some older than me he had a pic of him before Tx was just over 100 lb now he was closer to 200 said he only come to clinic 1 or 2 a year he is over 6 feet tall said he felt great. He was great inspiration for us newbie's 

    Good luck Pray your time comes very soon

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