There's some things you can't take after you have a kidney transplant. My Dr said you have to be very careful what pain killers you take, also anything with grapefruit, and vitimans.

Also I would like to ask everyone how they take there meds? Do they take them on an empty stomach? I don't eat one hour before or one hour after taking mine. Do you think it makes a difference?


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  • I gotta say the only things i was told to avoid ever after my heart transplant (and later kidney) were: grapefruit juice, all pain-killers other than paracetamol or tramadol, and non-diet-wise are live vaccinations. 


    Other than the above i eat and drink what i like. I take my meds every 12 hours or so, and also take every now and again, multi-vitamins when i am training weights or kickboxing. 



  • Hi how much would a transplant cost? I dread to think. So is it in the US where you have to pay?

    How are you doing? hope you are feeling ok.
  • Hi Madie,
    I wasn't told about not taking vitamins, I was told to take multi vitamins, along with extra vitamin D and magnesium now. In the morning I take all my meds at once on an empty stomach and at night, usually eat 1 hour to two hours after because I usually eat at night after 10 pm. I miss grapefruit juice though and real grapefruit, but not going to risk problems. However if my kidney and pancreas fail, that will be the first thing I want.

    As for your question about if it makes a difference, some people can tolerate it and some can't especially depending on what meds they are on. Some meds need an empty stomach to be absorb, while others need something in there to help deal with the meds side effect is what I learned at a transplant seminar.
    • Hi. I take mine more of less the same as you I was told that when I went to a seminar too.
      Someone I was chatting to at the clinic said they sometimes forget to take them
      can you believe that! also take them at anytime on empty stomach or full.

      Also at the seminar the Dr was saying one off the main reason for having a rejection is forgetting to take your meds
      • Madeline, I am one of those people who have forgotten to take their meds. Well more like I thought I did.. This doesn't happen very often, very rare and when it does, it's frusrating. One time when I had to go to the doctors in the city, I forgot to put my meds in my pocket. Luckily it was an early appointment so I could catch an early train home and was only 2 hours late. Well the word only is bad to use isn't it. What I on't get is some people who do not want to take their meds because theres to many and they are to stubborn to take them, idiots.
        • Although you are correct to assume that they would be idiots if they did not take them out of stubbornness or because there are too many, I think that in most cases, it is a question of remembering them. I also think there are cases where, sadly, people feel like they cannot afford them and feel like there is no where to turn. That is just my opinion about it. The cases of non compliance usually occur when doing some kind of dialysis. I remember a couple of people who were taking dialysis when I was and one guy would bring in a big bag of pretzels and eat them while he was on the machine and one woman who, if she was lucky, would come in twice a week for dialysis and then wonder why she did not feel good. Heck, she would gain 5-10# of water between sessions and sometimes more. There was also a couple that my wife and I had met in a transplant support group. My wife had originally met the gentleman because he worked taking blood at the hospital and she was having testing done to give me a kidney. At that time, he had mentioned that his lady had just gotten a transplant after being on the list for over ten years. When my wife asked him why it took her ten years, he told her that his wife was non-compliant!
          • Hi. Do you have to pay for your drugs where you are? that is so worrying as you say some people just can't afford them. I feel so sorry for those people and feel lucky to be in the UK where we have the NHS because I know how expensive they are.
  • Question. Is avoiding grapefruit and Pomagranite because of the Meds or do these fruits harm kidney function?
    • They interfere with medication. I don't know if they strengthen the effects or weaken them, but one of the two. Also, avoid green tea for the same reason.
  • Hi i've been told it does'nt matter if u take them on an empty stomach or not as long as it is the same way every time.. Mines normally on an empty stomach in the morning then with supper in the evening..

    You should also try stick to taking them exactly 12 hrs apart to make sure tour therapeutic levels are maintained..

    I know the grapefruit is contra-indicated in the meds especilly if ur using prograf..

    my nephrologist advised me to take vitamins.. said that a multi vitamin that has every thing from A-Z is good and recomended Centrum for me..
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