Third COVID Vaccine side effects

I REC a cadaver kidney transplant Nov 2015 that was a 100% match.Average creatinine has ranged from .95 to 1.1 for the last few years. 

 I had the initial doses of MADERNA vaccine in Feb and March 2021 and suffered no  side effects other than fatigue for a several weeks after the second vaccine.

Sat Aug 14,2021 I received the third Marderna vaccine.  
2 hours later I had:

Severe body aches/Headache
102 temp

Sunday Aug 15, went to emergency room
Labs indicated dehydration, creatinine had increased from .97 to 1.4 and GFR decreased from 70 to 58.
Recieved I've fluids and anti nausea drug and script to go for anyo nausea oral meds.

Aweek after vaccine feeling much better but still have fatigue.

Any other transplant patients have similar experience with 3rd vaccine.

Going for labs next week, I have been drinking lots of fluids and hoping my creatnine and GFR have improved .

I will post an update when I rec the lab results.





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  • I was nearly the same - liver Tx in 2018 - had Moderna - first two shots April-May 2021 with no ill effects at all except sore arm after 2nd shot.

    Third shout end of August 2021 - 12 Hrs. after shot had very strong body aches and weakness for about 12 hours but no fever. By the next fternoon I was feeling back to normal.

    • Those effects are a sign that your body is reacting to the vaccine. Rest assured, you are protected if you are exposed to the virus in the future, it will not likely lead to hospitalization. That is the premise for developing the vaccine.


  • That is great news Kidneyboy, thanks for sharing.

  • Fantastic! Let's hope we won't need any more!

  • I am happy to report that I received my booster dose of the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine, in-home, as part of the Massachusetts Mobile Vaccination program. This is a wonderful program attending to those who are homebound or otherwise find it too difficult to go to other vaccination sites. I did feel very tired after, but that was the only "side effect" I felt.

  • MUCH better today, thanks! Back to normal 🙂
    Such a beautiful early Fall day, I think I will go for a walk and do some bird watching.

    • Awesome! Enjoy your day.

  • 24 hrs later and I have a bad headache, a really sore shoulder, and fatigue.

    • All very common for what I have seen, hope all is better today.

  • I am three months and one week out from my liver transplant. I had my third Moderna shot just a few hours ago. We'll see how it goes, so far so good.

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