Third shot for Transplant and Immunocompromised

Hi everyone.  Hope you're all doing well, staying safe and healthy, and enjoying life.  Just wondering if any of you have gotten the booster shot recommended by the CDC yet, and whether your transplant team has advised you to get it yet.  Would really be interested in hearing your feelings about it, and opening up a discussion about it.  Thanks.....appreciate any comments you can share.

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  • My doctor said yes, but I have not done it just yet. My sister got her third of Pfizer and had the usual sore arm but this time she got chills and fever during the night. She took Tylenol and felt fine the next morning. 

  • I got a third shot of Moderna yesterday.  So far, I have the usual sore arm, and a little achyness and fatigue, and maybe some gut issues.  Just taking an easy day, because I'm fortunate to be retired.

  • My state (Massachusetts) has enacted a mobile vaccination program for those who cannot make it to normal outlets for vaccinations. Because I am both ambulatory and transportation challenged, I have opted to enroll in the in-home portion of this program for my third shot for Covid 19. I hope to report my progress soon.

  • I also got my 3rd vaccine last week, all good no issues except sore arm :)  good luck.

  • It hasn't been approved where I live yet but it sounds like a decision will be made in a couple weeks. I've already talked with my transplant team and of course they are all for it.  It will be nice to have some protection against Covid going forward.

  • I did recieve my thrid shot of Pfizer on 08-16-2021 Monday. I had a sore arm and was very tired. My transplant team said to go ahead and get the shot. 

  • Got my booster shot (Pfizer) on Friday evening from the local CVS pharmacy.  The next day I had body & head aches throughout the day. Feeling better now. Thanks!

  • Received my third shot on aug 17 at my local pharmacy the only thing they asked was the date of my 2nd shot which was feb 28th. The first 2 shots didn’t bother me but the 3rd I didn’t feel like doing anything the next day but the next day I was fine.

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