I feel so blessed to have made it here to my 13th transplant anniversary, and I wanted to thank this forum for helping me through the years. I am very appreciative of Rise and everyone else who has reached out to help me and so many others. I made sure that I was wearing the transplant t-shirt you gave me many years ago, Rise, when this day began and will wear it at the end. It has always meant a great deal to me. I will be celebrating this anniversary more later next week when I can have my sister with me, but still this day is very dear to me. May God deeply and abundantly bless everyone who is so kind as to be a donor and their families too for ensuring that others have the hope of seeing and enjoying more sunrises. 

Warm regards,



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  • Congratulations Bobbiejo! You are an inspiration to us all. Now on to the next milestone!

    • Thank you! I appreciate your support and how you are supportive of so many others. 


  • Congrats Bobbiejo ... many more year to come and celebrate :) 

    I also completed 7 year of my Kidney transplant on 19 Oct.  

    • I appreciate your words. Congratulations to you too! I hope that you will also have many, many more of these transplant celebrations along with abundant new blessings to rejoice in as well as the years go by.  

    • Congratulations to you as well, Amit! May you enjoy many, many more years in good health.

  • Congtarulations! Whatever you are doing keep doing it lol. That's a fantastic milestone. Now onto the next one.:-)

    • Thanks. I hope you are doing well also. 

  • Congratulations on another anniversary. Keep it up. :-)

    • Thank you:) I also want to congratulate you on your 19th transplant anniversary which occurred in the same month as mine! May you be blessed with many, many more.

      Warm regards,


  • Congratulation from a relative newby

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