Rise' asked me to repost this from my Wordpress blog and from TansplantBuddies ~



I am cross posting this from my Wordpress blog. Lately, I have been drawn into the world of art, for some unknown reason. Maybe you have some transplant art that you might like to share? I know there are many very talented people here!!


I have been searching for interesting art works in regard to heart transplants. I am not trained in art, so I don't know one type from the next ........ abstract, modern, etc ..... I only know what I like.

Recently, I came across the below picture and was able to contact the artist. I asked if I could post it here. I got a very nice response back .

The artist is Jesse Graham

The Title is "The Gift of Life - Heart Transplant"

Jesse's web site is -

There is something that draws me to this piece. It is inspiring.



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  • Hi Don, may I submit a piece that I have done? It is one of the pics on my home page on transplantfriends. It is called "I Am A Survivor." I have attached it. Let me know if you can't open it.
    • Patricia,

      That is LOVELY!!! Thank you for sharing that with us. I REALLY LIKE IT!!!

      Be well, Don
      • I really like your art Patricia


        This would make for a great greeting card.




        • Rise' how do I submit my artwork that I have done to the media gallery. I see other transplant buddies art and I would like to submit some of my own.  Patricia
  • Thank you Dap!
This reply was deleted.

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