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  • I urinate at least 600ml during those hours if not a little more.

  • I have noticed that if I am busy during the day and have not had time to rest much, my urine output is less during day and more during night. I think it is the rest and digest mecahnism of our body. During rest time, urine outout is more. Now I try to take a 30min break twice a day at least to make sure I am well rested.

    Hope this helps.

  • As long as you don't have steady fluid build up (steady weight gain) it doesn't really matter when you pee it out. It's just more convenient in the day time.


    • Do you ever have any days with fluid weight gain/loss?

      • I do, but I've been on lasix for a few years now and the doc lets me adjust the dose on a daily basis. I change it depending on my weight in the morning as well as my blood pressure. If either is up, I take a bit more. If either or both are down, I take a bit less. I'm very careful with salt intake too, so that helps.


  • I've noticed that I'll drink all day (no caffeine) starting at 8am and about 1/2 gallon of what's essentially watered down kool aid (it encourages me to keep drinking my 96 oz per day, i won't need to use the toilet until late afternoon usually around 4:30. Then I'll go several more times in that evening and through the night - all very light yellow to what looks nearly clear. I agree it's strange! 



    • Do you ever have any problems with fluid weight gain?

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