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Transplant surgery scheduled for 10/23

I recently joined transplant friends as I am scheduled for a kidney transplant on October 23rd at Mayo Clinic. I have PKD and on my latest labs my creatinine is 4.93 and GFR is 12, so I am ready!! My sister is donating her kidney and has been amazing with everything that she has gone through to get approved. I will be having my native kidneys removed at the time of transplant and was wondering if there is anyone that has gone through this procedure and has any advice?

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  • Kevn - I don't know if you had your rescheduled surgery. But if not, I had PKD and had surgery in May 2017. Had both native kidneys removed. Yes, it's a bigger surgery but I never regretted getting it all done at once. Everyone has some different aspects and reactions, but here's what I found that I wasn't told: I had quite a bit of nauseu afterwards for about 2 weeks. Very little actual surgical pain. It took me a while for my blood pressure to regulate. Within 3 weeks, I was well on my way to recovery.  So worth it. Good luck!


  • I too have PKD and had both kidneys removed and received a kidney from my sister!  We are a rare breed I have found.  I am two years out with sub 1 creatinine levels a generally good results for a transplant person on immune suppressants.  

    Your road will be longer than other transplant patients as the surgery is massive.  I am saying that as you are on the other side of the surgery!  Of you need someone who’s been there to communicate with just let me know. 

    You may not feel it yet but our bodies have amazing healing capabilities.  Wishing you success.  


    • Thanks for your encouraging email Ann. My transplant actually got postponed as they found I had an infection the week before the transplant and put me on antibiotics for 28 days. I will be tested agaiin next week to see if the infection is cleared up and if so, we will reschedule the transplant at that time. 

      I am very optimistic about the surgery and have complete confidence in the surgeon and the team at Mayo. My mom had a transplant in 1999 at the U of M and then had her kidneys removed at Mayo in 2009 and two of her siblings also had to have their kidneys removed, so I am happy that they are going to do it all at once for me.

      Continued success to you!!


      • Thanks Kevin.  My Mother also had PKD and had a transplant from her brother but she didn’t need her kidneys removed.  She was on dialysis for 5 years before the transplant but her transplant lasted 25 years and she died of something else at 84.  Hooray for our sisters!  

        Let us know how it goes.  

  • Go for it so you dont have to undergo another surgery. I had my transplant at Mayo dec 2016 and im now scheduled to have my native kidnies  removed at Mayo also this December.

    Good luck i 

    • Good luck  to you!! My transplant had to be postponed, so maybe we'll both be at Mayo in December!!

  • When I had my TX they would not remove my kidney .. the old kidney will do through atrophy and should not cause a problem ..

  • Hi Kevin i had a kidney transplant July of this year. My daughter gave me her kidney. She is doing very well and so am I. Its been quite an adjustment but so totally blessed. I had some discomfort after the surgery but posture standing straight was so relieving. There is a lot of medicine but some goes out and some is adjusted. After 3 months its routine.  I can't get a flu shot since its only 3 months so a little concerned about that they tell me just wear my mask when im out. I am amazed at your Gfr i only had 3.8 creatine and my Gfr was 9. Anyway i will pray that you get over the infection quickly and get on with your new adventure in living.


  • Quick update on the transplant scheduled for the 23rd. Looks like i have an infection and am starting on antibiotics and will have to postpone the transplant until they determine that the infection is cleared up. Will review again in 30 days and hope to reshedule at that time.

    • I am sorry that you developed the infection. I hope that it can be treated very effectively so that you can soon be put back on the list. I know it can be frustrating as I developed some cellulitis before my transplant such that I was also taken off the list, and I had to wait until the infection was over before I could get back on the list. May this just be time during which you can prepare yourself more for the transplant surgery. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery and send you an enormously huge hug!

      Warm regards,


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