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Traveling Post Transplant

Hello friends,

I am officially post one year since my transplant. I really wish to travel around the world when I am healthy. I live in Southern California. Is there any places you would recommend in or out of the country? How would you travel - what kind of plane/hotel/etc? 

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  • I follow the common sense rule.  I’ve said goodbye, sadly, to third world countries but do not discourage travel.  If you are prone to infections or have underlying problems that’s another thing.  I have travelled to the west coast, the Caribbean and Europe without ramifications. I do not wear a mask but wash my hands  frequently.  I have a house on a remote island off the coast of Maine.  My transplant team is firmly behind living one’s life.  They say you went through with this to live and not hang around waiting for the next problem so go live!  I am very careful and take antibiotics with me and have air medical insurance.  Use your common sense and have fun!  All major cities in developed countries can do transplant blood tests and your team can send the orders electronically if you feel something is off.   

  • I have not traveled in over seven years. I made my first airline trip a week ago to Vegas. Went to see Santana. Four plus hours in the aircrafts cabin plus more time in airport. Used a new viral treated protective mask in airport and in cabin. Went through two small bottles of waterless hand soap and some disinfecting wipes. Been three days since I got back and I am happy to report that I am not sick. It took a lot of awareness and diligents to do this.

  • I would suggest you to take cruises becase inland travel involves too much bus riding and long walking which creates edema in legs, and it is tiring. 

    Always wear mask in airplane, eat  only thoroughly cooked food. DO NOT put your medicine in checked bagage, carry them with you. 

  • I think it's good to travel but there is only one big problem ... if you were to loose your meds most third world country may not have the meds ... I would check the country before you go ... to make sure they have the drugs . If you go on a cruise register with the ship because there are always other transplant patients on board .. if you lose your meds you will have someone to rely on .. hope this helps .. 

  • I read your Bio, look on the internet for tuberculosis countries with high rates and look at individual counties too. Their rate of death, transmission, and people who test positive for the disease. Just being exposed to the airplanes air system and all the people can be very challenging.

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