Travelling by Air during covid

Hii guys,

I am from India...By God's grace and with the help of my friends and family I completed 15 years of transplant successfully. Last one year had been stressful due to covid and lockdown. 

I need one advise from you guys. I want to travel by air to meet my parents as I have not met them since last 1 year. Is it advisable to travel by air? Is it completely safe, if all precautions are taken? It will be only a 3 hour flight

I am little confused on this as one of my transplant physician allowed me to travel with all precautions and one has strictly told me not to travel. 

I am missing my parents..So, I need your all valuable suggestions. Thanks

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  • I have flown, and as before the pandemic, always wore a mask (now, N95 + Face Shield) & cleaned everything around me.  I did fly in the summer (US) when supposedly inflections were low. 


    If you are flying 3 hours, is driving an option (I've driven from OH to FL 3X since and that is about the flight time).  Everything is a calculated risk - protect and evaluate and make your best decision if a visit is worth it.  Good Luck.

  • I don't know if you have traveled already or not but if you haven't my suggestion is absolutely not. Use face-time if you can.

  • I wouldn't do it unless it was a real emergency - at least not on an aircraft.

    If you have your ticket in advance and can get through any security with the distance requirements strictly enforced, what will you do on the aircraft itself?  Even with the best cabin air purification like a hospital operating room would not help is an infected person was sitting near to you.

    If available I would think buying a cabin on a train would be much safer.

  • It is a proven fact that airline air is safe, however measures should be taken like pre-check-in to help avoid standing in crowed lines in crowded airports. Major airlines are striving to limit exposure and will offer tips to aid in safety. Wear a mask, carry hand sanitizer and social distance!

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