• I'm 3 years post TX and the numbness is considerably reduced but there is still a little effect. My docs said the nerves are able to grow and some may reconnect. Ask your TX team as they are very experienced with this effect and the possibility of improvement in you. In addition, I found that one will get used to this effect and it will bother one less as time goes by.
  • After the transplant, when I was finally in my senses enough to be able to inspect my body and scars etc. - I realized that a large patch (two palms long, one palm wide) area on my right thigh was completely numb. It still is! (My surgery was on 1st of Jan this year). Also I have a roughly 15 cm long 'hockey stick' shaped incision  which has now healed a bit - but the incision itself and 0.5 cms to the right and left of it are areas that are still numb.

    My surgeons said that many nerves get severed (even unwanted ones, like in my case, my right thigh has a hug patch where I can't feel anything) during the surgery - even many unwanted ones, but the sensitivity gradually returns.

    I will give you two examples -

    1. When my fistula was made (on my left hand, barely 2.5 cms long), I had lost nearly all sensation in my thumb and forefinger of the hand. The middle and the ring finger also had some numb areas. My fistula was made 6th of Nov., and as of today all the nerves have healed, the numbness has gone - except from a tiny area of a few mms very near the scar itself.

    2. My aunt had a C-section for the delivery of my cousin. The cut made on her belly was a bit larger, running down from her navel to where the normal c-section cut is. When she woke up, just like me, she had no sensitivity on one of her thighs. Her whole thigh was numb! She could walk (just as I can, I even feel itchy in the numb regions, when I press my finger I can feel my leg) just fine. her numbness didn't go even after several months, she had lost any hopes of ever feeling her thigh again. Also because she didn't care much about it (i also find it very easy to ignore). Then 4 years later, BAM! Suddenly, she could feel everything again!

    I wish my thigh nerves heal faster than that :) But this goes to show anything can happen :) I have slight tummy numbness too, I suppose it is not that rare at all. Take care!

  • I donated a kidney to my mom in 2008. I remember her saying that she has numbness. As a nurse, I do know it's not uncommon because the nerves have been severed at the incision site. Over time, some of those nerves may "reconnect" and there will be feeling, and others not. The numbness will be something that one has to "just live with", but it does become less noticeable. Congrats on the transplant!! That's wonderful!
  • I donated my liver to my husband 9 weeks ago today. The inscision itself isn't an issue but the muscles sutured together above it become swollen and hard if I bend at all or when I eat. Anyone else have this issue?
    • I had the experience of my muscles being tight around my incision after my multivisceral transplant. It hurt if I put much more than a little bit of stretch on some of them. For example, at one time after the transplant, just laying down on the floor with my back to the floor would cause the abdominal muscles, especially around my incision, to hurt. I made lying down on the floor like an exercise to help them not be so stiff, meaning I set out a period of time that I would lay down which I increased only gradually. I had this issue especially the first year after the transplant, but my muscles finally adapted and are no longer so stiff. You may want to ask your transplant team if there are some stretches that are safe for you to do to help with this issue. I think I especially had to deal with this as I am small and low in weight, thus not be much give anyway. I hope you and your doctors can work out something so that you feel better. Best of wishes.

  • I had my kidney transplant 6 months ago (plus 2 days). The numbness is just about gone. The front of my right leg from the knee up was numb, as was my right lower abdomen. Today, there is only slight numbness for a couple millimeters diameter right over the scar and that is it. The nerve endings usually heal themselves (after being cut during surgery). I was actually a little concerned, as I was feeling new sensations around the surgery sight. This is apparently normal at 5-6 months.

  • This is not uncommon.  Some numbness may go away and some may never go away.  With surgery, nerve endings are cut and can cause permanent damage to nerves in the area of the incision and immediately around it.  Some people have no feeling for an inch or more on either side of the incision.  I have this myself.  Thankfully, I understand where it comes from and am just careful to make sure I don't hurt myself around the incision because I would not feel it. Hope you are healing well.  God bless.  Cindy

  • It will be 3 years in May since my LT, and I still have a little numbness in my belly below my scar. I'm glad you asked because I'm seeing others replying with the same feeling. A couple of months ago I had severe burning in that same area, but that went away and it's still numb. I lost over 100 pounds within the first year after my transplant. But now I've regained it in the last year and a half, so I thought that might have caused the numbness. Now that I've read the replies to your question, I know it's not the reason. Thank you for your question it helped me also. I pray you have a full recovery.
  • 17 years post transplant and my scar and the skin tissue around it has felt numb as long as I can remember. My hubby will rub his hand over my tummy and it's the strangest feeling!
  •   I am 6yrs post tx and still feel numbness- better but still weird!

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