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Update on my B12 Allergy

For all those who were following my B12 allergy posts- I CURED myself! I was very low in Vitamin C and now I take Vitamin C whenever I eat foods high in B12. RASH went away and my skin has never looked better. I can eat all the foods I like with no reaction whatsoever.

Vitamin C does pull out B12 look it up.
 Basically, I figured out I had an allergy and googled "how to reduce b12" simple. I spoke to several top doctors who could not find a solution as a B12 allergy is quite rare.
 I had a series of allergy tests and nothing came back yet- I have never been allergic to any foods in the past (when I had other allergy tests) I have a hunch that my rash could have been related to B12 or the dairy that I was consuming or perhaps since dairy is high in B12 it was just too much for my body as I was not pulling out the B12 fast enough. I wonder why I am sensitive to B12- i guess it does not matter as long as I keep my vitamins balanced. It just goes to show that just because you eat healthy foods, you may have an imbalance when you leave out certain food groups.

 For the past 20 years, I had tiny red marks on my face- and something on my lip- GONE!!!! To think I have been dealing with this for 20 years YIKES!!
 Forgot to say- I have been clear of this allergy for over one month
 To think that the website LiveStrong saved me from this problem-
Vitamin B-12 is taken in supplement form for people who lack the essential vitamin. An allergy to vitamin B-12 is…
 Rare symptoms to Vitamin B 12 allergy usually results in a rash or what I had tiny red marks on my face which many years later developed into a bad rash
Vitamin B-12 is one of the 13 essential vitamins your body needs to maintain a healthy nervous system and to make…
I took all of the advice to the next level when I tempted to put all what I have learned to the test. I ate one Grass Fed Burger (high in B12) along with taking 500mg of Vitamin C. Usually in the past, within five minutes I would break out with a rash. This time no RASH. So I ate another Burger LOL with more vitamin C and no rash. I decided I needed more Vitamin C through my muscle testing.
 I am going to try and reduce my intake of Vitamin C (Buffered) overtime and see how I do.

Forgot to mention- Now I can take a multi vitamin and all is well. So basically, my diet is HIGH in B12 again. It does not matter to me what my B12 level is as long as I have no symptoms. There is so much information online that a high B12 is dangerous. I thought my level was -then I found a nutritionist who mentioned my level in her report and according to her opinion, my high level was not so high and that she would recommend that people with my high level still take a B12 supplement. I will not take a b12 supplement but will continue to take my multi vitamin. :)
 So when in doubt and there is no cure for your symptoms and every doctor you see has no idea what you should do, let your fingers do the typing and turn to Google!

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