• Received the updated booster and flu vaccine on September 20 without any side effects. Still using safety precautions, mask, distancing, minimal interaction with others in buildings. Advised Evoshield is for those who cannot mount antibodies after vaccination or for those who cannot take vaccination. I did mount antibodies after third vaccination in original series so hoping I have enough with the boosters.

  • Thank you everyone

  • Took the flu and most resent Covid together no side effects and do not take Evushield 

  • My Tx team has advised me to absolutely get the vaccine booster!  Just to be clear - Evusheld is not a vaccine, it is a shot with actual antibodies to help prevent serious illness if we do get Covid. They are not comparable.  I get the Evusheld shot once every 6 months in addition to all the recommended Covid vaccine boosters.

  • I have been advised to get the updated booster and flu vaccinations by my Rx team. I am getting them today and will report any issues if they arise. Hopefully, none will.

    • No side-effects and no issues though my family contracted Covid, a week after my shot. Still hiding out!

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