The United States Patent Office has issued a patent to Victor Gura, MD, FASN, for a wearable artificial kidney, and the nephrologist said he wants to begin a clinical trial later this year to test the third-generation device.

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I have been waiting two decades for this news, which I believe will finally benefit those with kidney disease requiring dialysis with more freedom. Let's hear your opinions!

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  • Thank you for this.  I had read about this about two years ago.  Good to know it's going to actual trials.  There are so many devices for the Heart, which is amazing, that my feeling is that this will be a success.  I bet there will be significantly less medication burden, and the fear of rejection, with this device.    If I had to guess, the chance of infection might be a hurdle because it will be outside the body.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • As will I. This news should be taken "with a grain of salt," as the saying goes. I have watched as many new devices have entered trials, dating back to the millennium, and have seen only a few candidates, with the best chances of survival, be selected for these trials. While success is documented, we still do not have a " wearable artificial kidney" in widespread use.  These trials do increase the knowledge base of nephrology, in general.


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