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2016 and 2017, three of my highschool friends and I turned 60...trying not to pay attention to numbers is challenging for those of us whose lives depend on "good" numbers. Anyway, back to my HS friends. We decided to go to Hawaii this April to celebrate. 4 Women and my one friend's husband. We stayed at Barking Sands beach in Kauai on a naval base..long story.I learned a few lessons while traveling with friends, who are basically healthy.1. I don't travel at the same speed they do And that's OK. But I did quite good, walking, climbing steep walkways, and getting around on a swaying boat. We kept a busy sightseeing schedule, but my friend's knew when I had to rest and I let them know when I had to take a day off.2. I learned I can be irritable and I don't like that, but in retrospect, it makes sense and I have to be compassionate towards myself when I'm tired. Irritability is a sign I've reached my peak.3. Ask for help on the plane and off.4. Know your limitations. If you can't climb a hill, you can't climb a hill.5. Stay in the moment. Take some alone time to clear your head.6. Don't compare yourself which I found myself doing from time to time.These are just a few lessons I learned while on vacation in beautiful Kauai!

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  • Transplant or no, I'm not 22 years old anymore.  Thay alone tends to slow me down.  But I still tend to push it to the wall as far as my joints will let me!

    Yours is good advise.  I should print it out and read it daily.

  • I just arrived at Disneyworld. Can I do as much as I used to do? Nope. Not even close. Am I going to have a blast? You bet. Liberally coated in sunscreen and hydrating all the way. And as my 80-something year old Dad (in fantastic shape) has more stamina than me, I'll be setting the pace. I might give my fitbit an aneurism.

  • I'm going on my first vacation to NY for twelve days . I'm feeling very vulnerable.i talked about it with my counselor as I'm traveling alone. I worry about the idea of getting around by trains and uber . Im not renting a car. Never used to having this anxiety. My counselor said it is the mortality anxiety from such an experience I had.
  • Wow sounds like a lovely vacation and you learned a lot about yourself. That is wonderful. Im happy for you.
    • Yes I agree .. we are first going to the Omega Institute up the Hudson, than going to meet with my cousins and go to the Hudson River School of Art to the mansions and trails from F. Church, Thomas Cole... than to NYC to meet a few fellow artists . I was just surprise at myself for the srange reaction that I normally never do. I love traveling. My counselor helped me. It's because the experience os new..less than a year and I was faced with my mortality this anxiety hit the roof at the idea of what ifs? She's good though I do feel better.
    • Thank u Rita..I did.
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