Vaccine for Rabies

Hi all, 

Happy New years to all and wishing health and happiness.

I just wanted to find out if transplant patients can take a rabies vaccine.

I am not sure if it is a live vaccine, I was. Not bitten by a dog but I may have been scratched and licked by a puppy which was not yet 12 weeks old and therefore did not have his rabies shot. The vet suspected the pup may have rabies now. 

They have euthanized and sent the pup for testing but I wanted to start with the vaccine in the interim to be safe. 

They also administer a HRIG and I just needed to know if any of you have taken this. 



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  • Thanks, I read some article that we can take the vaccine dose as per the general population. 

    I have not been bitten but I could have been scratched and as a precaution I thought it would be safe to take it.

    I spoke to the Doctor today and they advised about a category 1 to 3. 

    They said there is no visible scratch marks on me so I am a category 1 and probably don't need the vaccine. 

  • While this one case history suggests you can be treated, if necessary, this is a question to ask your Tx team. Treatment involves lowering immunosuppression and requires close monitoring over a long period of time. Call your center for the most updated information, as it applies to you.

    NCBI info

    Immune response after rabies vaccine in a kidney transplant recipient
    A 48-year-old male kidney-transplant recipient was bitten by a rabid dog. His immunosuppressive treatment consisted of cyclosporine 60mg b.i.d., myco…
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