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Valcyte 450 or valchek 450mg

Hello guys,


I want to know whether anyone of you had taken valcyte 450 or valcheck 450mg tablets after transplant to prevent CMV infection.

Its been a month post transplant, I dint take but now when i consulted other doctore he prescribed me to take it.

Its very much costly and have severe side effects too. please comment if anyone consumed it.

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  • I have taken it since transplant because i had the virus already and so did my donor. I am only taking it for 6 months so stop in january. Dr told me if i didn't have any problems at 6 months i would stop.  It is very expensive i am taking the generic which is still expensive.  I only had to take it because i had the virus. Im guessing he put you on it for the same reason either you or your donor have the virus. Study's show use after 6 months isn't necessarily beneficial. I don't know if it has caused me any stomach problems only because there is so much medicine but they did tell me to make sure i ate something with it.

  • I was having Valcyte 450 everyday for 6 months after post transplant. After stopping for 3 weeks, I got  ulcers in my toungue and on the mouth wall. Doctor started Valcyte again and now after 2 months and no issues. I dont have any side effects due to this. Presently I have lack of sleep may be due to side effect of prednisole which I am having 10 mg per day. I am  getting a 3.5 hours of restful sleep and 2 hours restless sleep.

    • I was on Valcyte for quite a while with CMV.  Infectious Disease made the call regarding doing regimen and time.  It was stopped when they decided, I assume consulting with TX team.

      Was happy to get off of it but you need what you need.  

      Tac is tough on my stomach,brain, and everything else but 3 years in I have yet to experience any actual issues with my organs - other than my liver #'s are great (for me).  It is nice once they start titrating your meds down for long term efficacy.

  • Hi

    Based on my own experience using anti virals- I would only take them if I needed them.  If I truly needed an anti viral at my stage of transplant, I have in my house Lysine and it worked wonders for me.  when I was first diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus I took Valcyte with no improvement. I then tried other oral antivirals and then an IV. They all did not work only made me worse.  I am sorry to share this but it took me years to try Lysine. and it worked amazingly for me. There are no side effects unless you exceed more than 3000mg per day.  do your research!

    i do not believe in taking anti virals to prevent viruses. Just my experience

  • I was on valcyte and everything was fine. :)

  • I used Valcyte for three months post transplant - one tab every other day.  It is to prevent viral infections - CMV and others. 

  • hi i have been on valcyte 450 since transplant 6 months ago 4 a day then in july i had pneumonia they took me off it so my white blood cell count could get higher to fight the infection after about 4 weeks in august i got a cmv virus because no valcyte i am back on it now and the virus is going away i take 2 pills a day  i never had any side effects from it.  my medicine is all paid for by medicare i live in new york city us.  i hope you ask your doctor about taking it or a different med maybe good luck be well

  • Hi Raj   I was on valcyte for two months after my transplant, then they stopped the medication, they put me on it as a precaution as your system is very suppresed. Doing well after 8 months post transplant.

    Good luck with your transplant, drink PLENTY of water


  • Valcyte is generally prescribed within 3 months post transplant. I used it for 6 months. Is to prevent CMV which can manifest within early stage of kidney transplant. Hope your doctor have carried out test to know if the virus is present in your blood

    • if its present then only hv to take?

      I dont have any virus, actually he gave as precaution to prevent from virus infection.

      Dear oke, can u tell if there are severe side effects of this tablets.


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