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good morning fellow transplant buddies , i have  a ? i have heard some say they dont and some say its ok but how important is taking the probiotic and nac cysteine 600 mg for supplemental health i am spending a lot of money for 4 different supplemental health vitamin and not sure why so many i am considering different options thanks

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  • I follow my doctor's recommendation.  I can say that probiotics have helped me.  While my doctor recommended the "expensive" kind, I changed to a more reasonable option and they seem to have the sa,e positive impact. 

  • It is important to know that after the latest FDA review of pre and probiotics, new thinking about their effectiveness has arisen . It will always be a personal decision about their use. Here's the NIH opinion. 


    Probiotics: In Depth
    Probiotic dietary supplements and foods, including their uses for health purposes, scientific evidence regarding their use, and side effects and risk…
  • Hi Irene - I have been taking NAC for over 12 years, seven of those since my double-lung tx. I found a way to get the pharmaceutically made version from Europe, in effervescent form. Turns out, people with lung issues have less Glutathione in their lung fluids. Glut. is the major anti-oxidant made by your body, but you can't take it straight as it breaks down in the gut. NAC is a precursor to Glut. so it forces your body to make more.

    When I started taking it way back, I went from at least 2 cases of bronchitis a year, to one in the next 3 1/2 years. Might have staved off my tx. I wanted to continue taking it after transplant, and got Duke to approve it, but many centers freely give advice to try it now. I haven't had one lung infection in seven years. Four or five colds with cough that went away as fast as in normal people. As you call tell, I'm a huge fan. If you are interested in trying the German brand, let me know. I know where to get it. Will cost you about $35 a month.

  • i take them because they are prescribed  but i ve notice they are all supplement one is for vegan  i go back to  clinic on 13th im gonna ask thanks all 

    • oh and by the way i only asked because the cost of those two are sky high.....protiotic is for stomach digestion etc  i take that one 3xs a day  crazy

  • i take no vitamins or anything like that.  no health food store stuff.  I eat veggies and a little fruit.  i would save your money unless the doc prescribes it for a reason.

  • Hello Irene

    Since you are pre transplant please ask your doctor about the vitamins that you are taking. Probiotics are good for you and so is NAC but it depends what for. Talk to them. 

    Take care!

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