Vitamin D- New Research

On the ole Buddies forum, I announced my own theory a few years ago that I personally could not see taking so much vitamin D and when I did try

the large dose, I felt like I had a virus.  I also backed up my theory with muscle testing that I practice myself on a daily basis. Regarding Vitamin D supplements I can only take in

1000mg daily from supplement form whether it is a tablet or soft gel.  Before the Vitamin D awareness campaign I took Cod Liver Oil and that worked great. I do much better and can digest the vitamin D

from the Cod Liver oil rather than the supplements. 

Now I have some research to prove my theory.

Here is an older article that refers to Autoimmune illness and vitamin D

And here is the latest report from yesterdays Consumer Labs

Too much Vitamin D is not good.
from Consumer Labs
Raising low levels of vitamin D has many benefits. Among them is that levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, decrease as vitamin D levels increase. However, increasing vitamin D levels beyond sufficient levels has a slight inflammatory action, as shown in a recent study. And even higher levels of vitmain D can result in hypercalcemia (too much calcium in the blood) with symptoms including constipation, confusion, weakness, loss of appetite and painful calcium deposits. For details about this and extensive information about vitamin D uses and dosage, see the Vitamin D Supplements Review, which includes our latest product tests.

If your vitamin D levels are low- " As discussed in the Vitamin D Supplements Review, a good target range for blood levels of vitamin D is 25 to 35 ng/mL, as this coincides with maximum benefit. If you are below this range, there is a rule of thumb for dosage you can follow to get you to your target level -- be sure to take vitamin D with your biggest meal of the day, as you'll absorb more due to fats in your food. Of course, you can also increase levels by a certain amount of sun exposure and/or consuming foods containing vitamin D." from Consumer Labs

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  • This entry is nearly 5 years old, and I wanted to give more current information.  No one will actually say how much vitamin D we should take, but I take 4,000 IU and my blood level is measured at 68.  My Primary Care Physician believes in the "tropical optimal", which is the level we would have (between 60 and 100) if we lived at the equator - and no one there dies of too much vitamin D.  In addition, 2020 research is showing that higher vitamin D levels correlate with reduced risk of death from Covid:

    Northwestern University. "Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates: Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7 May 2020.


    Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates: Patients with severe deficiency a…
    Researchers analyzed patient data from 10 countries. The team found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and hyperactive immune systems. Vitami…
  • Is it ok not  take Sensipar even though PTH is high for kidney transplant patients. I heard it from somebody.  

  • Here is an article that arrived in my inbox today -regarding vitamin D. 

    I do not know how it applies to the transplant community.

  • Hi H R 

    My D is too high.  My neph. wants D down. Also, she indicated my next blood test will measure the levels of each type of D.  I don't know why, but I take D2 one week and D3 second week. Have you read about the difference at all and why would it be of concern levels of each? Now I'm taking one pill every day.  I have been on dialysis for  a year, but now off almost 2 years.  My transplant was liver 4 yr & 4 months now.

    Just adding to conversation.....Best to all this holiday season........Wayne

    • Hi Wayne

      I am sorry but I cannot answer your question.

    • Hi yrs later and still dealing with such things? I'm new...I guess I didn't realize things like this Vit D level would still be of such importance. Can I ask why you were on dialysis? Cary
      • Hi cary

        I had liver transplant.  After transplant I got CMV virus, I believe. Dealing with  virus  hospitalized me all of 2012.  Blasted the pieces out of kidneys, causing dialysis for year. Dealt with virus, couple lung operations and did dialysis. In 13 things started working and my original equipment kidneys started functioning at 30% +.  Liver numbers right on .  The kidneys are stable. But, neph is always tweaking things.

        to you and all, Happy New Year..........Wayne

  • Hi Hostess Rise...! I'm recent liver transplant recipient. In my prior life I took little responsibility for what I put into my body. Now I've changed and removed most red meat..processed foods..and sugars out of my diet (almost all sugar..guys gotta have a muffin now and then). But after researching foods and supplements for a healthy gut and liver I'm not certain in what direction to go after having a well rounded diet. Vit d? Tumeric? Apple cider vinegar? Blackstrap molasses? Probiotics? Fish oil? 3? None? All? Something else? Doctors are of very little help. I'd hate to waste my time and money or potentially injest harmful supplements in an attempt to make a healthier me. Any direction would be helpful.
    • Hi Cary

      Welcome!  Eating healthy foods on a regular basis is more important that supplementing. Everyone is different. Some patients lack b vitamins while others do not.

      Perhaps start with a nutritionist that is familiar with transplant?  

      I have been taking Probiotics for thirty plus years. Currently, I like the brand Renew Life.  I do not consume all that much apple cider vinegar really only as ingredient in cooking and sometimes I will have a tiny amount in a glass of water.  I take Tumeric daily as a spice and sometimes the pills (GAIA brand).  I take Vitamin D in the form of Cod Liver oil and a pill as well. I run low in vitamin D but for me if I take too much I do not feel well.  Always take vitamin D in the morning.

      I muscle test vitamins and foods. Muscle testing is a form of energy medicine and I believe in what I find to be true for me. 

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