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Hi Friends, 

I hope all are well.

Please let me know if any transplant patients are currently taking any vitamins.

I was informed that a lot of people are currently taking Vitamin C, D and Zinc as a precaution for Covid 19 as this can maybe prevent lower respiratory infections.

I am currently taking Prograf, Cellcept and Prednisone daily.

Can these vitamins possibly interact with our transplant medications? Will they possibly lower the efficacy of the suppression?

Kindly let me know if they can have any adverse effects or if anyone has been advised to take these vitamins.


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  • I was advised to take vitamin B when i complained on itching in my feet. I take this & sometimes A to Z also not very rgularly. When I get it I take it.

    For vitamin C -- Lemon etc I take in food. I was talking to a transplant buddy & doctor prescribed him zinc as his hands have excessive shake.

  • Hello,

    I am only taking Magnesium 400 mg daily.

  • Hello,

    I am only taking Magnesium 400 mg daily.

  • No adverse effects.  Yes, vitamins C, D, and zinc (with copper) are recommended to prevent covid.  I take 1 gram vitamin C twice a day, 2500 IU vit D twice a day, and 30 mg Nature's Life zinc with 2 mg copper twice a day.  Also 500 mg magnesium twice a day to stay in the normal range, along with B multi, omega-3s and vitamin E (tocopherols in am and tocotrienols in pm).  I've been taking these forever, before and after transplant, and all is well.  Yay!  

    By the way, my doc suggested that I take as much vitamin C as I can tolerate if I start to feel sick.  Two grams every 2 hours as needed.  You'll get "the runs" when you have exceeded tolerance level.  It's not dangerous except for that one - uh - side effect.

  • I take VIt D2 (50k micrograms week) and Magnesium (400 mg BID) and have since Tx.

    Other than that I take a multivitamin.  Always ask team but my group gives those to all patients on Prograff as we cannot get much sun (Vit D) and it leaches Magnesium from our bones so need to replenish.

    I would not overdue the Vit C (body can only use so much of it).  Definitley ask about Zinc dosing.  Zinc is very common in many foods.


    Good luck.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your reply.  i am currently following up with my transplant centre and nephro.


  • I'm taking vitamin D and calcium since my tx..201

    Now I'm taking zinc and magnesium these days..

      You better ask your nephrologist..

    • Hi,

      Which year did you have your transplant done and how many mg of each do you take ?

      I will check with my nephologist first before I take it. 


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