I am 5 yrs post kidney transplant (thanking God) and I have now had 2 separate episodes of vomiing/dirreahea ( 1 week apart).... my question is, " what happens to the pills as apparantely I vomited them up also?) 

Has this happened to anyone?

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  • I have been told I need to head to the ER if I vomit. This might be also because I am not even 2 years post transplant. My advice is to let your doctor know and go by what they say to do. Hope what ever caused it goes away! 

  • "Oh well,"...that's what a member of my Tx team said about them when this happened. A missed dose is not the end of the world, then talk to your Tx team about it, especially if it continues. Just try to maintain your schedule, your blood level of them may only momentarily drop, if at all. After five years of steadily taking them, you shouldn't have an issue.

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