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WBC Drops!

Hi Friends, my white blood cell count dropped again to 1.1.  I am seeing a pattern that my WBC drops every couple months since the kidney transplant a year ago. Every time it drops I have to get Neupogen injections, which give me severe headache and bone pain, to bring it up. Does this happen to you? Now  I am almost "traumatized" by the Neupogen shots because of the dreadful side effects. Is there any natural way other than harsh medications to help increase the WBC count?

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  • My WBC's dropped to 1.2, 3 months post TX and my Dr completely stopped Myfortic and increased Prednisone. Within 2-3 weeks, they were back to normal. I avoided taking the Neupogen shot after reading about its side effects. Now, I am back to mycophenolic acid (switched to generic version) and under observation for WBC count. I will know in couple of weeks. 

  • When that used to happen to me that would cut back my cellcept and sometimes even stop it completely, if it happens again I am not for sure what they will do as they have stopped my cellcept as my immune system got so low that I developed merkel cell carcinoma and when they finally got it out, then I started developing many (12) sites of Squamish cell carcinoma all over my head, chest and arm. Now that I am on just tacrolimus and prednisone for antirejection drugs those have seemed to have stopped as it has been 4 months since they took the last one off.... 

  • Medications can cause weak immune systems. Hopefully your doctor will correct the problem now. At the same time, be careful about hygiene and clean diet to prevent infections.

    Low WBC means weak immune systems.

    Wish you the best.
  • I am a Liver transplant patient and had low WBC shortly after transplant.  I was told if it got any lower they would need to change my meds.  They did not indicate whether it was the Cellcept/Mycophenelate or Prograf (Tacrolimus) that was the culprit. In my case, my WBC remained low but steady until they reduced my dose of Cellcept and Prograf a few weeks later, then all returned to normal.

  • I guess I got lucky with the shot I didn't have any side effects so far.If you learn any thing about this wbc dropping  let me know 

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