Hi... I'm 8months post transplant I've gained weight drastically especially on abdomen what exercises are effective for losing the flab that doesn't harm my operated side. Sometimes i feel pain after workout then i stop for few days fearing i may sabotage my graft . Please any suggestions.

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  • Prednisone is culprit No. 1. Things will improve when you are put on maintenance dose. A combination of walk and diet control helped me.

    • Tacrolimus tablet, Mmf or Myfortic and prednisone are these all three immunosuppressant drugs? If yes , why we need to take all three of them? Any idea

      • Each work differently and are designed for their own effect. There IS an overlap, like wearing a belt with suspenders.

        NKF - Immunnosuppression A to Z



        What are immunosuppressants? Immunosuppressants are drugs or medicines that lower the body's ability to reject a transplanted organ. Another term for…
        • Thanks and that was an amazing example you gave...

  • Some of that flab will go away when dose titrated.

    But some walking for sure.  Obviously a diet based on what is best for your Tx and super clean.  Sugar is really great but not that great.  I did a lot of weights (Liver Tx) just light weight high rep which is really how you will burn.  Cardio is great for you but a little weight training mixed in will benefit for sure.

    I found a trainer I trusted explained my situation and worked with him once in a while for form and safety.  I was also on a Heart Tx list at the time which I was taken off after a year of exercise/diet.  

    • Thanks for the advice i hope i too find a suitable trainer and nutritionist.

  • lt sounds simple, but WALK. It is the least impactful and most beneficial form of exercise you can do. Good luck!

    • Thank you for  the advice. 

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