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Hey der ..hope u all doing well... I'm 8months post renal transplant i have the severe issue of bloated belly nd discomfort is anyone else experieces the same? Its very embarrassing to mingle with people with bloated fat belly now I have started to avoid people bacause am ashamed and embarrased. Please can anyone give tips and suggesttion that can treat this.



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  • Quick answer is wait for your Prednisone to be titrated.  Obviously a complete clean diet and watch all the nutrients in your food (Potassium, etc).

    I had Liver Tx but once Pred was decreased, and I took sugar out of my diet it got back to normal.  I also exercised as much as safe.  It takes time and that cannot be rushed, although follow diet/exercise and can assist.

    • My predisone is already the lowest dose 5mg . It gave me diabetes also and doctors say it can't be stopped. Feeling helpless. 

      Thanks Jeff for your response.

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