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Has anyone noticed their memory lacking since their transplant? If so, have you or the doctors found it to be due to meds, sleep, or anything whatsoever. It has become a problem for me and i find myself In the doghouse with my husband a bit because due to my mixing of dates etc.. If I could nail the reason why, I could reduce the problem and my hubby may lengthen the chain on the dog house. He gets so frustrated and let’s just say he doesn’t trust my memory whatsoever. LOL

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  • Hi - it is the same way with me and my husband. Doc says it is the prednizone and I they are weaning me off it. I have had the same problem with remembering words - a problem I have yet to find a solution for.  For other devices that may help you especially if you return to work look I'm the Job Accommodation Network and they have a lot of helpful information and suggestions. I have also started to play simple memory games with playing cards - good luck

  • Ok, Ayer Lee, that is soooo funny and appreciate you sharing that. Feeling not so bad now. Thanks

  • Same here! I was about to brush my teeth when i noticed that i was using a spoon instead of my toothbrush.

  • Yes I have a 147 IQ and got to the point. That one day I was walking out the door and ask my mom if she would throw the mail in the mailbox. She said which table is it on I couldn't remember coffee table. My doctor ended up putting me on Provigil. Because it's not a stimulant and it really did help with my cognition alot!! But do not recamend stimulates maybe caffeine. Lol Also depends on your drug regimen. I think I have taken them all at this point. And don't forget about the nurse damage the drugs can cause. I'm disabled forever now. Lots of sleep, water and labs. Can be vitamin deficiencys.

  • I definitely have this problem and it's incredibly frustrating. I already had ADD prior to transplant, so I had a ton of 'helpers' to remind me to do things, but now I'm forgetting words! Which is awful because I love discussing politics (political science major in college) and world events, etc. but I'm finding myself constantly searching for words. I haven't figured out how resolve this problem yet. But with my other forgetfulness I use Google calendar to remind me a week, a day and an hour before every appointment or project deadline. I have an alarm on my FitBit and Google Assistant to remind me to take my meds and to lock the doors after work, the Google assistant also reminds me to water my plants, feed the dogs, etc. At work, I have a notebook on my desk which I date every morning then on one page I write down every person I talk to on the phone and some triggers about what we talked about, conversations, ideas, upcoming projects and notes about them, etc. On the other side I write a 'to do' list for the day and mark it off as I do each task, even if it's something very minor. Yes, it's that bad! I don't know if this is a permanent side effect or just when I'm taking this high dosage of meds.

    You might try some electronic helpers if you're tech-savvy, otherwise, investing in a ton of post-it notes and keeping a journal of everything you think about or have to do or will need to know later, helps tremendously too. Best to you! 

  • It's a common side effect of the meds, due to a number of factors - lack of sleep for many of us included.  

  • I absolutely have this problem.  I work in a somewhat fast-paced environment, and joke that I live by my post-its.  I've found it helps to keep a planner and have it on me at all times, taking notes right away, and setting reminders on my phone.  Facebook Messanger has a "personal assistant" called Me.  It can remind you or make lists, or remind others. It's pretty useful.  I'm 28 and a bit nervous how finishing out my Undergrad for a BS in Marketing will go, haha.  I'll probably have to change how I study.  There are lots of tools out there, and I would encourage you to find something that works for you!  But in general, making a note immediately is my biggest tip :)

    • Thanks so much. I will try the messenger assistant. Sounds perfect. It’s hard for others to not get upset at my confusion when it effects them. My reg appts are easy in my calendar. Vacations etc, get mixed up and I find myself checking over and over. I think I annoy myself.LOL. And names escape me, I mean good friend’s names. That’s bad. Thanks again.



      • I forgot my best friends name when introducing another friend to her.  I was so embarrassed! So I definitely understand! It's easy to be hard on yourself when you're used to remembering better or being able to do a bit less than you used to.  I definitely listen to my body and rest more than I used to, but that limits my time to do things.  It's all give and take ofcourse :)

        • Thanks for the assurance that it is not just me. It helps to know for sure. My husband tries to help but gets sore at me for the blunders. Then I am not happy with myself. I keep trying harder but notice it just brings more anxiety which brings more confusion. I have alarms for everything on my phone but sometimes when talking about a future event, I will think it is this week instead of three weeks away and visa verse so I may check my phone three times about the same thing, on a really tired day. Oivé, it gets old. Thanks guys; so glad I have people who live this and can affirm many things

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