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I've been racking my brain lately and looking up different ideas about what I should pack  in my "go bag" and what I shouldn't. I am curious to know, for those of you who have or had one, what did you pack? Were there things you didn't need? Was there anything you wish you had packed? What was the thing you used the most? Thank you for your insight! :)

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  • Hi Meagan,

    The hospital will furnish personal items, toothbrush, Toothpaste, etc.

    What I packed where my jammies, lotion, book's, magazine's, card's. I was very lucky I was released in 3 day's after Transplant, my husband was my donor he went home the next day.  Hope this gives you an idea, best of luck and prayers your way.


  • Hi Meagan,
       Here's a list my wife came up with prior to my liver transplant.  I hope it may be of help.

    If your surgery is going to be somewhat far from home, pack as if you are going on vacation. 
    The caregiver/family who takes you should be prepared: *(Invest in a rolling storage bag ahead of time)
    All current meds
    Glasses case or contacts supplies
    Camera to document the entire process, beginning to end
    Journal or notebook
    Blanket and pillow - overnight stay in a waiting room(?)
    Overnight bag with everything...toothbrush, ear plugs, eye mask, or whatever you need to sleep, etc.
    Change of clothes, hairbrush, etc. (I packed at least a week's worth of clothes in the trunk of the car)
    Reading or occupational materials, crafting, sewing, crossword puzzles, etc.
    Familiar music or comforting book
    Snacks, mints
    Bottled water
    Thank you notes, pen, return address stickers, stamps, address book if needed
    Cell phone and CHARGER
    Laundry detergent
    The patient should pack:
    All current meds, med list.
    You will PROBABLY need your preferred laxative because of the pain med you will be on
    Glasses case or contacts supplies
    BIPAP machine, if applicable
    Family photo
    Lots of extra underclothes
    Extra t-shirts, extra pajama pants
        ***IF THE INCISION LEAKS through the bandages, you will need someone to do extra laundry for you.
    Robe (?)
    Slippers or sandals or crocks
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush
    *Chapstick - a fresh unopened tube
    nail clippers
    shaving cream, razor OR electric razor, charger, aftershave
    hair dryer
    favorite shampoo or hair styling products, if needed
    Phone, charger, ipad, ipod, laptop, etc.
    For the hotel: (We were away from home for about 3 weeks!)
    Your favorite bath tissue
    Your favorite kleenex
    Box of baby wipes
    hand sanitizer
    Laundry bag
    Ziplock bags, different sizes
    Your own pillow
    Some favorite kitchen "things":  sharp knife, cutting board, etc.
    *I made my packing list and taped it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet.  Only a few months later, I was so glad I could just grab it and pack up!

  • Don’t think you will have time to read! You will need your time to rest. But if you’re inclined... Buy a large size box of zipper lock clear freezer bags from the Dollar Store. Use for your toiletries. Bring “two in one”shampoo. Your own hand soap placed in a container. Toothpaste, dental floss and toothbrush and use them! Unscented body lotion, unscented deodorant. Comb. These bags are great for putting things all in one place and easy to see in your bag or drawer. Bring a couple pair of cozy socks. A package of hand wipes, especially before meals! A baggy button up pair of Pajamas, to wear over your hospital gown. The pants are useful when you go to exercise. You will go every morning. Ask for your pain medication before going. A long house coat. You can use a Hospital gown house coat, when you go to exercise but my own Pajama pants fit better than hospital pants. For exercise down in the gym. Which you go to every morning. A good pair of slippers. You will need them for when you go to exercise. And also for walking up and down the hallway and when you go exercise daily in the gym.They want you up and moving . IMPORTANT to bring a LONGER cellphone cord. In a different color than white preferably.. Chapstick. I brought a iron man watch. So I could see the time at night ( when I couldn’t sleep) It’s also water proof. After surgery I was cold so my husband brought me a warmer blanket. After! surgery you don’t need that before. ( forgot to ask for a pillow too!) I also put a blanket on top of the mattress to lay on. Otherwise the plastic mattress made me sweat. A wonderful woman in the next bed, said to me, when I could not lift myself up and out of the bed kept telling me”you can do it, it becomes easier.” She was very encouraging and very right! Also bring a positive attitude!
  • besides pj's as I hate the gown lack of coverage, charger for your devices, something to read (I always bring my bible and something else to read as I gather strength from the word.) Toletries.

  • EXTRA long charging cord for iPad / iPhone if you plan on using such item.

  • If you are the recepient nothing

    Will be heavily drugged for week or so and won’t care Hospital provides toiletries , nice looking gowns

    After there few days family or friends can bring you items

    Best of luck with your second chance at life
  • Don't forget chargers something to read and bath room stuff

  • I wish I'd had some music, any kind of music. Bring whatever you have and the music you like.

  • No contacts, just wear your glasses.  A case to keep them in.

    Leave all jewelry, rings, watch, etc. home or plan on giving them to someone.  Hard to keep up with.  

    All your shower stuff.  Although, you'll not be taking a shower for most of a week.  They make a product you spray on your hair and towel off. Kind of a "dry shampoo" that is nice.  Wipes for your face.  I liked those. 

    Sweats or soft cotton long jammies.  Slippers or house shoes.  Be comfortable.  

    Cell phone & charger, ipad, laptop, something to listen to music. etc after a week you might find time to enjoy them. 

    Your'e going to be out of pocket for awhile.  If you're the one in your home that does it, who is going to pay bills, write checks, etc?  Who will get the mail, feed the dog, etc.  Just have to arrange for lot's of little things to get done.  Easier to just make a list and start checking them off. Try to cover you bases. 

  • I brought sweatpants to put on with the hospital gown. Made it very easy just to get up and walk or just when they wanted to pull down the covers to get to the incision.
    Cards games also work well with anyone waiting in the room. Most hospitals do have
    WIFI some small device to play with if you need distraction.
    Other than that the more you bring the more your friends have to carry out for you.
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