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What happened to my skin?

Hi everyone, I know this sounds vain and ungrateful but can’t care about that. I have bought expensive products for my quickly aging skin, but my face continues to wrinkle more and blotch more,  or I guess they look like liver spots as people call them. Not to mention the black circles Under my eyes. UI always had the most beautiful skin growing up and even into my 40s and early 50s but now it seems to be going downhill so fast and I know it’s due to the trauma of being Ill and the meds.  Knowing this is all well and good but I am asking everyone out there to share what has actually worked for them. I am out of ideas. When I look in the mirror, I wonder who that old woman is, looking back at me. Not so easy to fix anymore. It may sound vain and I guess it is but it makes me a bit unhappy to feel helpless to fix the first the first thing people see when they look at me. I am youthful at heart but I am not ready for this to happenso quickly. My sisters wanted to do a family picture and I told the no, I would not be included because I feel like I look so much older than them now. I know, some are  thinking, “Well you are alive”. True and if I have to accept it, I will, but if there is something out there that will help me, I would like to hear about IT ASAP. Thanks and try not to judge.LOL


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  • Thanks Jeff, so true but  unfortunately being Italian, my skin looks more normal when brown and my husband reminds me from time to time, I look much better with a tan.  Or something a girl with once perfect skin likes to hear.  Staying out of the sun hasn’t helped much but I know foundation is fine but that’s not going to slow down the wrinkles and discoloration from coming so quickly. Transplant team will not let me do anything invasive on my face so I’m stuck with trying to find anything that works well. I guess I’ll just keep looking. Thanks again

  •  Stay out of the sun, which you need to anyway.  I don't know enough about your lifestyle to give much input.  I moisturize, live/eat super clean and stay out of sun.

    Definitely look older sometimes but mostly fatigue for that.  I also exercise as much as my body can hande.  Not sure if immuno is the reason  - could be an unrelated issue? 

  • LOL. It’s only a matter of time and you might care. When make up doesn’t work anymore, I think you might care.

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