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Hi, everyone,I've been interested to know how many of you all have a job? I realize that the title may not be an accurate one, as this group may be different than the transplant recipient population as a whole. However, I am still interested to know the following:1.) Do you have a job?2.) If yes, is it part-time or full time.3.) Would you say you job requires a great amount of manual labor?4.) How old are you?5.) How long have you had your transplant? What organ?I am a 19 y/o female, working two part-time jobs. I would say that one of my jobs requires a great amount of manual labor, while the other requires a cery minimal amount. I've had a liver transplant 1 year ago.Again, I am just interested in how many recipients are currently working!

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  • I am a legal secretary and basically I'm just working for the health insurance.

  • Yes, I work full time, very little manual labor, I'm 61 1/2; 5 1/4 years out; kidney; and I want to quit!  My job is mentally and physically demanding and with the side effects from these meds, I feel there are times I can't do the job any more, so I'm looking at less than 2 years and I'm done!

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Full time. Office hours

    3. Mix between manual and non manual work. Most admistrative.

    4. 63.

    5. Liver transplant in April 2015.

    Here is Germany they encourage organ recipients to go to back to work with a special program. They call it the "Hamburg Model" where you can select your hours. It is very flexible and the aim is to get you back in work on a fulltime basis. Initially started to work from home in July 2015. Went back to office in September 2015 working 3 days a week and then increase it. In January 2016 went back full time.

    • No way..kid/pancreas will wip you out.. Depending on how long diabetes was.. Mine 50 yrs
  • 1. Yes.

    2. Full time.

    3. Mix between manual and non manual work.

    4. 62.

    5. Kidney transplant in 2001.

    Dialysis from 1999 to 2001, transplant 2001 to 2016. Listed for 2nd transplant in 2015.  On dialysis now since 6/2016.  Working the entire time.

    • Hopefully you’ll get a new kidney soon.

      Wish you the best.
  • 1. Yes

    2. Full time - 11 hours / day.

    3. Work for a construction company. required site visits often.

    4. 54 years .

    5. since 2012 Dec.

    Keep working for a good blood circulation and being healthy. Take care.

  • While I am retired since I was 56 or for the last 6 1/2 years , I got my lung transplant 4 years ago. I know many down here in the Houston area that have had transplants and still work, while there are many of us who do not. Because where I used to work I had to guarantee them that I would never work there again. Because I have had so many issues staying out of the hospital because of different type of infections they really would prefer if I can afford to not work to stay away. We still are active as we go to as many of the Rockets games that we can, but when I am in a big crowd they want me to wear a mask to protect myself....

  • 1. Yes.

    2. Full time.

    3. No

    4. 58

    5. 4-years  Liver.

    How can anyone not have a job?  

    • Bcuz were sicker... Duh....kidney pancreas tx thats why
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