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  • I had my kidney transplant at the beginning of October (2002) and flew home (2 flights with a transfer in Chicago O'hare) in mid November. So I flew at about 6 weeks later.

    It's not as big a deal as you would imagine. Switch seats if the person beside you is sick, and bring purell to keep your hands clean. Because germs are so small, wearing those flimsy masks won't really make a big difference. Just take common sense precautions - don't share things with sick people. Don't hug/kiss sick people.

    Now, if you re feeling good, get out there and enjoy your life. Pretty soon your drugs will be lowered some more and you will have a stronger immune system. But even now, you've still got enough to get by.

  • I am 4 months post-kidney transplant.  My doc has said they usually recommend waiting 6 months to travel, only because we are so high-risk for medical attention in the first 6 months to a year.  When I eat out currently at a restaurant, I frequently just eat soup.  I feel comfortable eating anything cooked, but soup seems the most safe to me.  On a cruise, you can always eat in a restaurant rather than the buffet, and that's what I would recommend.  You MIGHT have to pay a little more, but maybe not.  It would be worth it to know that no one has sneezed on your entrée!

  • I started flying a year after tx.  I never wore a mask or anything like that.  I'm 5 yrs post tx and just returned from London and am planning a trip to Oslo.

    I have a problem regarding cruising.  My father in law has been on 2 Alaskan cruises.  He had booked a third and had put down a stonking great deposit, but he is now not in good enough health to go, so he gave it to my husband and I.  I had said for years that I'd never feel safe on a cruise, but it is on my husband's bucket list, and with this opportunity to go on one at a greatly reduced price to us was like manna from heaven for him.  I'm now stuck.  I mean, what can I say?  I don't want to disappoint him, but it's like he forgot about my concerns and just went ahead and booked it.  We sail on the first cruise out of Seattle in April of next year.

    All I can think to do is to drink only bottled water and eat only cooked food (no salads).  If anyone else has any ideas on what I can do to protect myself, please share.  Of course we have taken out a travel insurance policy.

    I have no interest in socializing or "meeting new people" and have every intention of keeping myself to myself.

    • What cruise line are you going on? They are not all created equal. I've been an avid cruiser both pre- and post-transplant. Never gotten sick, either. And a lot of cruises now require that you use hand sanitizer prior to entering the dining rooms.

      Would I eat a potato salad out on deck on a hot day? Nope. But I wouldn't have done that before transplant either. Just use common sense - and check the safety record of the ship you are going on.

      Have fun!!!!

      • Thanks for that, Cora.  I've never been on a cruise before, and I feel a little trapped by going on this one.  We'll be on a Princess Cruise.  Since we will be in Alaska in April, I don't think eating potato salad out on deck on a hot day will be a problem!  But I see what you are saying and of course will exercise all due caution.  I'm not cruising just to eat my way through the week, so I won't feel deprived if I skip dubious food in the buffet.  Again, thanks for the reassurance.  This isn't my first choice of vacation, but I don't want to deprive my husband of the experience.  I just will have to make the best of it.

        • I'd trade places with yiou in a heartbeat. Do you think your husband would notice if I accidentally kidnapped you and took your place for the week? I've done the Inside Passage cruise twice and would absolutely go again.

          Keep in mind too, that the food gets gobbled so fast on the buffets, that it's safer than 'regular' buffets. It's pretty much always very, very fresh. And most ships have sit-down options rather than the buffets for pretty much most meals (if it makes you feel safer).

          So go. Relax. Have a blast. Take lots of pictures. Enjoy the shows. Live it up!

          • He may be so agog at the sights that he might very well not notice if I suddenly looked rather different!  But you're right.  I've travelled a lot since my tx, so this cruise shouldn't be any different.  I will take your advice and will relax and enjoy the experience!  Thank you, Cora!

  • I’m 30 mo post kidney. Personally, I wouldn’t feel safe, ever, on a cruise. Can’t control water or food. Dining is close in with strangers you don’t know.

    I’d wait until you & Docs believe you are in ‘maintenance mode’ v. ‘Healing mode’. You are still healing.

    I have flown; I wear a mask (people avoid you like the plague), sure as hell don’t touch much, wipe down trays etc with Purel wipes. I’ve read the seat trays are dirtier than a toilet. Either way, minimize exposure to germs. Use airborne pills also. Post Tx; Munich, Orlando (x3, Puerto Rico. When reasonable, Drive.

    Same diligence for hotels.

    Hope I didn’t rain on your parade. Enjoy your gift and see the world. Be careful of the new world order.
  • air travel  in the USA  probably  not an issue ,  you  probably want to get 6 months under your belt  before any serious time away  from your tx cntr  ...

     Cruise ..  that's a question  for your tx cntr ..  taking into consideration  just how     not clean    a Crowded  ship is  ,  bottle water  or bottled anything  is probably  the only liquid  your gonna be able to drink ,  with the massive buffets  Cruises offer,   Eating  could be a problem as well  .. most  non buffett  food on cruises  is extremely costly ,  then  if the ship  docks  somewhere  where you can get off the ship and eat   local food  ...  pretty scary  ...    this is my guess  is what your cntr are going to be worried about on a Cruise   ...    Just  my 2 cents  ...

    • This is a valid concern regardless of how many years it is since Tx surgery.

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