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Where were you when you got the call?

Out of curiosity, for those of you who have received your transplant already, do you remember where you were when you got the call? What was your score on the list? What emotions passed through your head?I got the call while I was at home getting ready for church. My mom came in to tell me that there was a liver ready and we needed to leave immediately. It was a terrifying, exciting experience. I was only a score of 25 at the time. For my second liver that I received 6 days later I was a status 1A and I was in ICU close to death. I don't remember any emotions at that point because my brain was foggy.

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  • I was on the forth floor at St Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  One nurse stuck her head in the door and said, Hi Rob."

    The second nurse stuck her head in the door and said:  "What's up Rob."  I replied;  "nothing much. Just watching discovery channel."  The forth nurse stuck her head in the door, the fifth, sixth, and then the 10th.  The news was like a jolt of spiritual one on one with God himself. The nurse's said to me:  "Your heart has just arrived. It is 2:30pm, Jan 21st. We will begin 4 hours."  With my heart in the weaken condition, I felt as if I was getting ready to have a heart attack, my heart rate raced and my chest squeezed from the news.  Then my nurses said: " You see all of us here...don't worry, you aint going nowhere. If you do we bringing you right back."  I let out a great smile and laugh and said ...God is Great! What a day and moment I will never forget.  Here are some more stories of THE CALL!

    • Haha! The nurses were excited for you :) That's so sweet. Love this story!

  • I was home reading my home for a wedding shower in two days. NYP called in the afternoon and said i would most likely be transplanted, to stay close to phone. I was very excited. My toughts my husband is across the country and i have to make plans for my daughter to stay with a friend. At 2am NYP called to say come in to hospital by 5 am. I called my husband, called my friend who would drive me and her huband take my daughter, I called my mom in Florida, my mother in law, my sister. It was a gift that I cherish till this day
  • What happened to your first liver Tx , if it's ok to ask ? Where was your transplant? I didn't get a call. In California your meald score has to be 35 . With acute liver failure, no one knew when I would be ready . I was let out of the hospital , two weeks later , I was with my daughter when I fainted. She rushed me to the hospital and 3 weeks later I had a transplant. My liver was dead when they took it out. I don't know how I survived. I do believe it was almost gone than in the hospital my liver went. All from taking an over the counter herbal detox. Now I can't take any herbs, period!
    • Absolutely! The liver I was born with had been destroyed because no blood flow could get to it as a result of a benign tumor. So I needed a transplant. I waited for exactly 1 year on the list, then I got the call! My first transplant failed immediately because I formed blood clots everywhere in my body. They aren't sure why, but it cut off all blood supply to my liver which called for another transplant. I got my second transplant 1 week later; such a blessing! I was a peds patient at Children's Hospital in WI. Thanks for sharing your story! It is crazy how life can change in an instant, isn't it?

      • So you had your Tx close to my time. Mine was 7 mos. ago. It is great that you want to service others as a nurse.. you now have a beautiful life ahead of you Katie. Keep in touch
        • Nice! I hope you are doing well! Thank you, Janice! I will.
  • I was out of town visiting my family. At around 10 pm on a Friday night getting ready to get out when I got my call. I really just took a deep breath and called my daughter and said let's go. My MELD score was 17. I got there in 4 hours, they prep me and took me right on back for surgery. I talked so much in the the OR, they doctor told them to put me to sleep. It didn't affect me unless I was in shock.
    • Lol! Thanks for saying you "talked so much in OR! The night I went to surgery, they started to put me to sleep. I SAT UP! I said: "Wait one minute", "No one is putting me to sleep until we pray"! I said: "I want everyone in this room gathered around me to pray". "If you DONT know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, ACT LIKE YOU DO"!
      I prayed for EVERYONE! Lol
      They finally did the same to me! Put me to sleep to shut me up! Lol. Isn't God good!
      • That's funny to know I wasn't the only one
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