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Where were you when you got the call?

Out of curiosity, for those of you who have received your transplant already, do you remember where you were when you got the call? What was your score on the list? What emotions passed through your head?I got the call while I was at home getting ready for church. My mom came in to tell me that there was a liver ready and we needed to leave immediately. It was a terrifying, exciting experience. I was only a score of 25 at the time. For my second liver that I received 6 days later I was a status 1A and I was in ICU close to death. I don't remember any emotions at that point because my brain was foggy.

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      • I did receive first holy communion, prayers going all over the world. Meditation also
        • My biggest lessen in coming face to face with the Angel Of Death, was to speak truthfully from my heart. I was asked one night when I was dying , if you were to stay , what would you do? I felt my soul , as my heart responded, I would love. The biggest lessen is to love and be loved.
          • When I was diagnosed in 2000 I ask the Lord
            SPECIPHICALLY! "NEVER let me complain or gripe". "Let me share Jesus with SOMEONE every day"! I have done this EVERYDAY since. It is marvelous how God will bring someone in your life each day to "share" if you only have faith!
            • Yes very well put Richelle
            • Richelle,

                Amen...God bless you.  Thank you for posting this.  We have so much to be thankful for each and every day and we have no room to complain.  The Lord has been so merciful to each and every one of us.


      • Oh, I love this so much! 

        I wish I would have done the same. My family did surround me in prayer as well as my pastor but I wish that I would have asked to pray with the nurses, doctor, anesthesiologist, etc. LOL! God is so good :)  

        • God is Good
          All the Time!
          • All the time God is good! Haha :)

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