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White Blood Cells Low

Hi Everybody


Just wondering if anybody has experience low white blood cell count?


I was transplanted over 3 months ago and just lately have been told that my white blood cells are very low (1.44).  However, it has been slowly increasing after Cellcept was discontinued.  I've been off Cellcept for almost 7 days now and will be seeing my doctor tommorow.  I'm very scared because Cellcept is one of the primary ant-rejection drugs and I'm taken very little prednisone (1.5 mg and 2mg of prograf).  All other levels are very good including creatine, potassium and hemoglobin.

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  • I am 3 months post Kidney Tx and last week my WBC's count came out very low (1.2). My doctor immediately stopped Valcyte and reduced Myfortic dose to 360mg a day from 1080mg a day. Today I had repeat lab after 5 days and my count is still very low (1.5), especially my Neutrophils count (0.36). So, my doctor sent me to see a Hematologist, who recommended a shot of Neulasta. I am worried about the side-effects of this shot which I read can be excruciating bone pain. I am confused if I should go for the shot or not or wait for WBC to increase slowly (which my doctor told will since from today he suggested to stop taking myfortic for a week). 

    • Any suggestions or feedback for the Neulasta injection?

  • I am 11 months post TX, twice my TLC got down to below 2. Taken off from cellcept and in a week they are back. no issues. just let ur dr know and keep taking blood test in alternate days till they are in range.

  • Neupogen shots are given to me periodically to boost wbc to normal levels 1 or 2 a year
  • My WBC was low & my team took me off Myfortic which is like cellcept but easier on your tummy. I have not had any repeat lab work, due in FEB but I will try & update you when I do. I'm only on prograf now at 16 months out from heart transplant.

  • Hi, have they mentioned a drug called neupogen to you? I was in the same exact situation as you and after 2 shots was ok. Hopefully it is only a temporary thing and you will be fine soon.

  • My WBC took a nose dive when I was about 60 days post transplant. I asked my transplant center what would happen if this continued. They said they'd give it a while longer, but they would need to rearrange my meds. The next week it started to climb and has been normal since. I think that this must be somewhat normal for transplant patients.

    I would imagine it also depends on why you were transplanted and how much they want your immune system suppressed.
    • HI Joe

      I know that some of the meds I'm on such as Cellcept and Septra have side effects. One of the side effects is that it lowers ur white blood cells. So they took my off them so that my white blood cell may return to normal (Between 4 - 9)

  • Hi Deb

    Went to the hospital for my monthly(Neurologist)visit and WBC is now 1.57 and slowly increasing. All other levels are good and still off Cellcept for now. Thanks for all ur support. I'm still going for blood tests twice a week until this problem is resolved
  • I was transplanted 12/14/2009 and my WBC also dropped and I was considered to have a compromised immune system so they reduced my cellcept to 250mg twice a day and added 5mg of predisone. The doctors said it was just temporary and I have only been on it for 2 weeks. They just increased my cellcept Monday to 500mg twice a day. I have been doing very well on the low dose of cellcept and no sign of rejection. My doctor said not to worry until he does bc stress isn't good for the new kidney. I trust them and their knowledge because they are doing tons of transplants a year. It isn't anything new to them and I know my doctors watch me very carefully and I am so very grateful for them and to my mom, which was my donor.
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