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  • We have to be careful because some of us have super immune systems like mine, and others do not. Being a little late on meds or accidentally missing a dose infrequently will probably do nothing once you have been on them for quite a while but this is the one habit you want to set and keep. The tough levels drop after 12 hours or so and these meds need to keep your immune system down. You don't want your thymus or spleen or any other organ responsible for your immune system to raise it's ugly head. Rejection can be frightening and painful to fix so keep your times as much as you can. Not trying to scare you, only help you not get into trouble. I have been there.

  • I agree, there is a reason why the medicines have a perticular time gap in the consumption. The tablets need to interact with the body and give relief, so it is important to maintain the time for the meds.

  • Part of it is also so that your labs will be consistent. If you take your pills at 10 pm and then they check the trough level of your prograf at 9 am regularly, you labs will be very skewed if you take your night time pills at a very different time (say midnight).

  • Your body removes the meds you take.  Just like an aspirn you might take for a headache every 4-hours, you have to take another or your headache comes back.  The amount of meds in your system goes up after you take it, levels off, and comes back down to the trough level.  If the level gets too low it like you don't have it at all and your body could start attacking your new organ.  In reality, a little late on occasion won't kill you.  Everyone on this board has missed a med a few times over the years.  I've completely skipped a dose for 12 hours on two occasions in my 5-years.  Not a good idea, but I'm not dead either.

    Take you meds on schedule +/- 30 minutes of the same time every day for the rest of your life.

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