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Why I am losing weight so fast?


I got my liver transplant over a month ago. Right after transplant my weight was around 65-66 kgs which was 72 kg right before surgery. Now I was put on solu medrol for 3 days and I gained 72 kgs. Now since last couple of days my weight is rapidly deceasing and now its at 65.7 kg. Is this normal? Has anyone had this experience? Please share. 


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  • This is metabolic syndrome that involves diet change. Check for the BGs and BP levels...I hope you continue the improvement. 

  • Hi Mohammad,

    I received my liver on 12/4/2016. I lost much weight and muscle tone as well, My son who worked in body building said that this is due to the protein in our body going to the effected area of the transplant. Not that I was ever Rocky but it made sense, I looked like skin over bones not long after transplant. I lost about 65 pounds, and was worried too as my weight dropped to 145 pounds. I went on a protein rich diet (as recommended by my transplant team) and my weight has been steady at 158 to 160 pounds from mid to late February. Your body is still adjusting, so I recommend a protein rich diet (I would check with the transplant team), it worked for me. I took some supplemental shakes and ate a lot of protein rich yogurt.

    Good Luck to You


    • Thanks tom. I feel very relaxed in my mind. I think I am not having enough protein. Dieticien gave a protein rich supplement but i rarely take it as i am eating well..I think i will start on it..will keep updated...thanks again :)
  • Hello Mohammed,

    Perhaps the treatment with solumedrol (high dose IV Prednisone) may have caused some water retention issues.  I do not believe this is normal.  I would be interested in your Tx team's view on this issue.  I hope you get the answers from them soon.

    • thanks for reply. what I meant by 72 kgs is my weight became 72 kgs not that i gained 72 kgs extra.
      • I assumed that was your meaning.  While Solumedrol does elevate blood sugar levels greatly. it would not cause rapid weight gain.  It is more likely a water issue.  Again, what is your Tx team saying about this?  Also, how are you feeling presently?

        • i feel ok. good. my liver team has not said anything but dietician recommended more protein based food.
          • Liver Txs are not what I am familiar with, even though the medicines are mostly the same.  I would ask  How long did it take to gain/lose the weight?  Any difficulty with breathing or fatigue?

            If your liver blood work is okay and no other symptoms are present, the team may not "rush" into action.  You must be your own advocate and push for answers.  I encourage you to Ask, Ask, Ask as many questions as you wish,  both here and especially with your team until you are comfortable with your plan of care.  

            • i think over 10 days i have been losing weight. yesterday it was 66.7 and today 65.4. my liver is going back to normal. Kidneys are ok according to liver team even though slight structural problem in ultrasound. I am passing 4 to 5 times moderate soft stools as well. I am just concerned what could be causing this. Is it possible liver is still growing thats why?
              • Again, I will state that my experience is with kidney Txs.  It is unlikely the liver growing would result in weight loss.  It is very early on with the Tx and your body will be adjusting to the new "visitor" and medications, all of which can affect fluid (and weight) levels.  

                 Know that, things will improve and issues will fade. In the beginning, it may be difficult to see the better days ahead, but they will arrive, try to focus on that.  Staying calm and having faith in your team to resolve any issues will serve you well.  Your Tx team will always be your best source of information and guidance.  You should be at ease talking with them as you would a close friend.

                Perhaps one of our Liver Tx recipients will share their experience of the early weeks after a Tx,  I hope you continue to improve.

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