Hi Friends,

I am having Rice regularly (2 times per day, Morning and Lunch) per day.

Is this the reason for my High Creatinine and High Protien Loss in the Urine.

One More thing : Will have tomato regularly causing this?

Kindly advice.

Thanks in Advance.


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  • Hi Desh, im having a rice 3 times a day, and my creatinine is in normal range.. I think rice dont affect the creatinine.
  • Hello Desh,

    I have  never been informed that rice should be limited, so I did research it online to see if there was a connection. In over twenty articles and medical journals, no mention about avoiding rice.  Tomatoes are higher in sodium, so you might limit them in your diet.  Most items that on the limited diet are there because of goals to reduce sodium, phosphorus, or their interaction with the drugs we take risk.  It is doubtful these are the root cause of high urea/creatinine.

    Has  your Tx team advised you about this issue?  How high is your creatinine?  Are you limiting the amount of protein in meals(renal diet = 4-5 ounces/meal?)  Four years out from a Tx, it is unlikely your "native" kidneys are still spilling protein, which can happen until they fully atrophy.

    I hope you find answers soon.

    • Thank You Kidneyboy. This must be helpful for me. 

      My TX Team not saying much about this and not at all giving any diet plan for this. Saying that It will get stabilized in the long term but I have fear on this.

  • Hi Desh

    I believe that diet is very different for many people. You can try going grain free for a month to see if your labs improve. 

    Tomatoes are acidic so I would not eat too many.  If you can, try new vegetables and keep notes on how you feel along the way.

    • Thank you Rise. It must me helpful for me.

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