All nations must deal with the Coronovirus equally and some amazing facts are emerging due to the world-wide economic slow down. Many employment positions have changed to allow workers to stay at home. These positions may never return as they were, as companies adjust to the requirements of "social distancing ."

 One glaring consequence is reflected in the price of oil, which has collapsed owing to low demand. Air quality has greatly improved, in three short months, due to less emissions from automobiles and industrial activities. Los Angeles, once known for It's smog clouded appearance, is now registering the best air quality reading, in the world! These results are a fact and mirrors readings from the economic slowdown in 2008. With the absence of human activity, wildlife has flourished and is now found in more unlikely places. The production and distribution of foods, medicine and products will be forever changed as well. There are many signs for us to learn from.

Will we keep our eyes "open" to possibilities of creating a better world or will the rush to return to an active economy make us blind to the examples before us? Only time will tell.

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