• Hi,

    I am probably telling you what you already know but protein probably has the most impact. I was told while on high prednisolone dose in early tx stage you need high protein diet but as prednisolone goes down the amount of protein needs to go down also.

    I haven't heard anything about wheat impacting creatinine levels. 



  • I have noticed no difference in any of my labs based on my carbohydrate consumption (and I eat a fair amount of carbs - many of which contain wheat). While my cr. does fluctuate, it's a pretty complex thing for me.

  • I mean to say Will WHEAT affects HIGH PROTIEN LOSS in URINE.

    • I guess the only way to find out is for you to try a wheat free (gluten free) diet.

  • Hi Desh

    Unless you go on a gluten free diet for several months, you will never know. There is some information on the web that a gluten free diet will help the kidneys.

    I have been on a gluten free diet for four years and my overall health has improved.

    My kidneys were not transplanted my lungs were and I use to have tiny noises previously to the gluten free diet -since going gluten free no more noise in my lungs.

    It is worth the change.  It is not as difficult as some people think it is too do.

    I posted about a wrap that I love to use for my meals.  You can see this article on the home page. I do believe the company ships around the world.

    The wrawps are gluten free but with very healthy ingredients.

    If you decide to go on a gluten free meaning no wheat, read all labels.

  • Desh - I don't know of any information linking wheat with CR levels. I also have quite a bit of wheat everyday in the form of chappathis and other breads.



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