Workout after kidney transplant

Hi,It has been a year for my kidney transplant.I have been thinking of following a workout routine since long but I am not sure what should that be. I go on morning walks.I thought of starting cycling and zumba but I am not sure if that can be followed or not.My doctor said you can do anything just remember to take care of your transplanted kidney.What fitness routine do you guys follow?Do let me know..

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  • I have a back injusry so I cannot run but 2.5 years post Liver Tx I lift/stretch/train daily.  Due to my back injury it has taken time to start getting my midesection stronger but I started pretty slow.  Tried to go to gym (or just exercise) daily with lower weights/reps and paying off.

    With great nutrition as well.

  • Hi,

    Contact Sport is not recomendaed.. fyi.... Other then that listen to your body dont push a lot and always stay Hydrated . I do Trail runing and hiking most of time...and a bit of swmining as i suck at it/ :) 


  • Hey there, I'm 11 weeks post op. I bought a book called strong curves, I've been doing it for a while now and I'm loving it. Elliptical, all at my gym on my own at my own pace... Biking as well... I biked 8.9 miles today and did a 3 mile kidney walk!
  • hi..i had my transplant on 2nd jan 2017...after 3 months i have started doing walking,yoga and even doc have said me the same.i just dont stress in my kidney part...i do light jogging and few exercise from u tube which is very helpful. u can start with leslie sansole's one mile walk.its osm.

  • The other posters are right!  Staying physically active helps your entire body!  I walk, swim, strength train and do a lot of heavy gardening on my property.  In winter I like to go snowshoeing.

    As the others have said, there are two golden rules.  One, stay hydrated.  Two, avoid any activity that may result in a blow to your new kidney.

    Being physically active is also the best way to improve your mood and outlook on life.  Transplant can be stressful, and just walking outside can be a good stress reducer!

  • Hey Priyanka !

    First of all Congratulations!

    As "Mani" said you do (almost) everything means really everything !

    Even though I don't like gymming so much but still I do to keep things in shape.

    I play sports crazy, I play different games, tournaments but never get de Hyderabad.

    I have seen my reports post a match and dehydration and the numbers were highly elevated. NO DEHYDERATION at any cost.

    Please start at slow no mater Zumba,hiking, gymming anything but very gradual as there was gap, it takes time to get into the regime u were or u want to be.

    Take care
  • Hi Priyanka, 

    your doctor is right. You can do pretty much anything (almost). they key is not to overdo it & keep yourself hydrated. The one thing to avoid is any activity tht can physically impact the location of your transplant. 

    So you can do cycling, zumba, running, hiking. Carry enough water & food if its a hike.

    To give you an example I do cycling, skiing & hiking. I have done tough hikes ~13 miles. tried some weights in the gym. I prefer outdoor activity though. I survived -30Deg F weather in Fairbanks Alaska as well (I went to see Northen lights). 

    By the end of my first year I started playing Raquetball to get back in shape. I also did this body work out Abs class in the gym now that I think about it. 

    enjoy your workout & happy coding ...

    • Hey Mani,

      Thank you for your reply.. Great to hear that I can start with the workout as walking is not working for me much. Gaining weight is a tough challenge to cope up with after transplant.

      Happy to hear that you are doing great.. Take care..

      And yeah coding does make me happy.. :-)

      • Walking was harder on my body then biking. If you know how, riding a bike is great and a gental work out. You can build and build on your time at your own pace... Good luck!!!
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