I had a kidney transplant on 2/8/19. I have had one rejection episode ( in May) the doctor called "borderline" after a biopsy. At the time my serum creatinine was 2.4. After Predisone treatment it dropped to 1.5 on 6/3/19. Between then and 7/22/19 it had gone back up to 2.03. My transplant team said they were not concerned about the increase. On 7/29/19 it had dropped down to 1.76. I am still very worried I may have damaged my new kidney because from 6/1 to 7/22 there were at least 20 or so days that I was short of breath, and had taken a 40mg Lasix. After reading about it's side effects I do not take that anymore. I saw my nephrologist on 7/30 and she said she thought I was fine, and I was worrying too much. But there are still some days I will gain around 2 lbs and have to take a 10mg Torsimide. I also have very little urine output during the day no matter how much I drink. Most of my output comes between my bedtime at 9pm until I get up around 8am. I go for labs and urine test tomorrow, and pray my creatinine hasn't increased. I am so depressed that I may have hurt myself I can barely function. I see my transplant doctor and team on 8/12/19.

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  • First of all, stop playing the blame game. How did you "hurt yourself"? Did you have a rejection episode on purpose? Of course not. It happens.

    As for worrying about the diuretic? Sometimes you need it for your overall health. Not being able to breath properly because of fluid on board is not a good thing. I've been on lasix now for quite a few years (not sure how long now) and I'll have my 17th kidney-versary in October.

    You do what you have to do to keep yourself overall healthy. You are less than a year out and things are going to go up and down for a variety of reasons during the first year or two, I didn't get true stability until about year 3. Remember that you are not a number - your creatinine level is going to go up and down (mine has always been quite labile). So don't obsess about it. Your levels will settle.

    In the meantime, there are things you need to do. That includes proper hydration, taking all meds you need (not just antirejection drugs) to keep you healthy, exercise, and proper nutrition.

    And relax a bit! Stress is not good for you. I know. Easier said than done, but find something that works. Remember that you have received an amazing gift. And that means that not only do you have to take care of it (things I just mentioned) but it is also your obligation to enjoy your life and your gift. Does that mean deciding to do dangerous sports like basejumping? No. But you need to work to enjoy and appreciate your daily life that does not involve dialysis.

    Just as an aside, I try to hydrate well and while I pee plenty during the day, I'll typically lose 1 1/2 to 2 pounds overnight most nights. Every kidney is different, and that's how mine works for me. It's kind of slow (they found this out testing my cousin) and so it takes the overnight for it to catch up to what I drank.

    Since you are less than a year out, the odds of really knowing what your baseline creatinine level is, is minimal. Give it some time and see where things settle. And don't compare your results to what is supposed to be "normal". There is no true "normal" with transplant. There is only your organ and how it decides to settle in. My creatinine has never been "normal" and yet here I am, still at a reasonable baseline, almost 17 years out. I plan to join the quarter century transplant club and keep going from there. Focus on the positives. Yes, transplant comes with many mental pressures, but there needs to be joy too. And if you need to, get some help in finding that. I've used both talk therapy as well as meds to get me here. It works.

    Best of luck to you

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