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worries after kidney transplant

hello. my name is louie, 48 and I'm from the Philippines. got my new kidney from my sister last may 16 , 2017 and was out of the hospital after 15 days. my gfr before transplant is 23% and I'm on preemptive transplant, never on dialysis.transplant procedure went well few days after. however, I had been in diuretic phase since day 4, with urine output of around 13 liters/day. I really had hard time catching up with the lost fluid. I was admitted in the hospital again, having been just 2 days at HOME due to dehydration. the IVF really help me out as it is the only way to hydrate me. my physician sent me home. but last Tuesday, I was back in the hospital again for the same reason, concern is, when will it end. my physician visited me last night and told me she'll start giving vasopressen to help control polyuria. second, my sugar level is rising. I'm no diabetic but I am now. I read a lot about NODAT and it is happening on me. last result was 225. third, my creatinine level does not go down. latest lab results indicate 185. this is after 27 days after transplant. it is really flactuating but the lowest I got was 134 when our target crea is 90. lastly, 3 days ago, i got a little pain in the transplant site for around 3-5 minutes and I'm so worried about current meds, 2mg prograf (am)/3mg (pm), myfortic 360mg/2tabs bid.wish somebody could lighten up why these are happening to me through your experiences.I strongly believe that I'll be fine. I'm a fireman and we are known for courage. I have to face my fears. thanks guys for letting me in.

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  • Hi Louie,

    The first few weeks with a Tx is a process, determining the correct doses and combination of medication, continual appointments and blood work to assess the status of the Tx.  The addition of vasopressin will have an effect on urine output though I would be concerned that this action is treating the symptom, not the cause.  Many recipients will attest to a "bumpy" ride at the start, it will get better.

    Elevated output along with increased blood sugars may be related to the Prograf.  One of the many side effects of this medication is the development of Type II diabetes, as roughly 20 % of users will experience, shortly after starting it.  Prednisone also will elevate blood sugars (one of diabetes symptoms IS high urine output.)

    Have faith in the Tx team to resolve these issues.  Adjustment/changes to medications can bring you numbers back to "normal" ranges, whatever that is.  I do hope you find the answers you need to begin this journey to a new life.   

  • Louie, my understanding is that kidneys may be the easiest to transplant with shortest healing time but the see-saw of events after, is common. There are many kidney tx on this site who have run the gambet; they will be more helpful but I do believe kidneys can give you a run for your money, for a short time.
    • thanks so much for the replies. it lifted up my spirit. dehydration is really draining me out. I can't cope up the lost fluids thru urine by just orally taking up water. it necessitates IVF to keep me hydrated. my doctor assured me this phase will simply pass and I'm really praying for it. getting back and forth to the hospital is financially draining too. health care is very costly in our country as we don't have medical insurance like those in the West. sugar level is still bit high around 200 - 235 range, crea at 156. keeping my fingers crossed that situation may improve in the coming days. another concern is my gfr yesterday yielded function rate of 68%. is this below normal? my transplant friends here said they had theirs at 90+%gfr. do I have to worry on this?

      I'm really happy that I found this site. thanks so much.
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