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Would you work my job?

I am a 19 year old girl who had a kidney transplant exactly 2 years ago. I have just recentlly got a job in a hospital being a hostess, giving out tea, coffee, water and evening meals to patients. With there being a lot of infections around the hospital I’m not sure whether this is the right job for me? What are your opinions. 

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  • Sound advice from Joe Berry! I know a recipient, who works as a Phlebotomist at my center, who has developed safe routines that keep her protected while performing blood draws. Your Tx team will always be your best source of advice and information.

  • I worked in a hospital and clinic from 2007 thru 2014 when I retired.  I was transplanted in 2007 (liver).  My transplant team knew and were OK with it. 

    I can only say that time will tell.  I got a few colds/infections during those years, but really no more than I would have prior to transplant.  Is it any worse than going to WalMart? 

    I would rely on the recommendation of my transplant team. 


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