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Hello all! Since my transplant 6 months ago, I have really been struggling to connect with people my age. I'm 18 years old and just as I was about to go off to college, I had my transplants (2 tx in 1 week). I took a semester off, and next semester I will commute to college, but it's hard for others to understand all the stuff I do ... you know like Meds 4-5 times a day, routine blood work, lots of hospital stays, weekly doctor visits, fatigue, and other side effects from meds. I don't expect them to understand, but I love talking to people who get it. I just don't feel like anyone who is around me. and that sounds so petty, but I want to have friends and be normal and fulfilled in that part of my life. Even if I can just talk to some young people online who have undergone transplantation, I would be happy about that. I have met a few people at the hospital and I am going to be involved in a class at the children's hospital where I got my transplant by like sharing my story with teens who need transplants which will be good to talk to them but still. Does anybody know of any websites that are directed toward young people who have had a transplant? I've been looking for a long while, yet I still am coming up empty. Maybe it's too narrow of a category, but I would love to hear if there any resources available.Or maybe I should start something of this sort.. a type of website for young people with transplants? Unless I'm the only one going through this.I don't know.. thoughts? Advice? ❤️♥️

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  • I have found a great community on Instagram of people with chronic illness and transplant.  If you go on Instagram and study hashtags like #chronic, #chronicillness. #transplant, #paleo.  You can find some people to follow and a lot of them also have blogs.  Another thing research on Instagram is the Paleo community.  Apparently the Paleo diet is recommended for AIP and there are a ton of people on Instagram that are in there 20"s.  There is a site called "thechronicalsofgirlsblog" on instagram that also has a blog.  Hope this helps.  I think there is a lot out there.  Best

  • I posted this link on Facebook hoping for more young people to join in

    Thank you Steve

  • You might try Transplant Buddies over on FB.  

  • Hey, I am not that young but received an year n half ago at 27. Well luckily for me i started feeling normal in 2 months and went back to my work place . I am Software Engineer by work. Yes there are challenges but if you ask me today they all have become part of my life. So i do not feel like doing something different. and i feel as normal as i was before my TX. :)

  • Hi Katie

    We have had several teen age to young adults join us who are already members. It is not easy to get them back here.  Perhaps create a blog and google will pick up your keywords.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. 

    So many young college students have health issues- you are not alone.  

    Do you know Lauren Rowe? She has a great youtube video you might want to view.

    Perhaps start your own youtube channel?

    Whatever you do, I am sure will be a rewarding experience!

    All the best to you!

  • Welcome to the forum!  Sorry I'm such an old man.  I REALLY wish I was 18!  

    You are in a tough spot.  Not too many your age with this experience.  

    Things will settle down.  At only 6-months post TX, you haven't found your "normal" yet.  But it's coming!

    I can barely remember 18  But my adivce for what it's worth, I think is fairly timelss: Take each day as it comes and celebrate it as the gift it is.  Do good, work hard, play hard.  Relax and rest.  Give back, lend an ear and a helping hand.  Be not selfish or proud.  Love people.  Take care of yourself.  Serve and help others.  Just be you.  You may be that one person with all the experience somebody else needs to tap into some day.  Be there for them.  And most important, give thanks to the one for every breath and heartbeat.  

    I know you need someone your own age to hang with.  You'll find them. There's a few on this board.  

    Blessings to you!  Be well.

  • I did some googling and this is the only site I found. Many of the participants might be a little young for you, but have a peek.

    Transplant Kids.

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