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I know that a lot of us love pictures. I know that I personally love to see what our transplant friends look like. It's a great thing to have a face to go with a name.If you have posted a picture of yourself in your profile, we treasure it, and thank you!!If you haven't posted a picture in your profile, please reconsider ~ you are among friends here, I can assure you of that.This is a picture of my angel and myself, 22 days post transplant. I was a very frail man at that point.

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  • Thanksgiving 2008 Almost 3 months post liver transplant I drove 400 miles to see my father he was very ill in a nursing home. This is at my sisters home in Sarasota, Florida Yes, That is my dog Gerty~
    • Beautiful picture!
      • hi, it's been just over 9 years since my kidney transplant. a couple months ago i shouted my younger sister and i a trip to bali. here's a pic of me feeding the elephant we were taken on a ride.

        edit. how do i get the picture to show? not a link.
        • WOW! Great picture of you John!
  • Hi Don

    Thank you so much for encouraging others to post their pictures. Your picture certainly shows the beautiful transformation that transplantation Works! Your friend, Rise'
  • This is a picture of me about 9 months post a liver transplant!!! I'm doing great

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